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Forty-five statewide ballot propositions were on the 1990 ballot in California.

With 45 propositions on the ballot, 1990 had the second highest number of ballot propositions ever on the California ballot. 1914 set the record, with 48 propositions, and 1988 comes in third with 41 propositions. (See also: Number of ballot propositions per decade in California.)

Bluedot.png 18 were ballot initiatives that got on the ballot through the process of collecting signatures on petitions.

  • 12 of these failed, while six were approved.

Bluedot.png 27 were referred to the ballot by the California State Legislature.

  • 12 of these failed, while 15 were approved.

Bluedot.png 17 of the year's 45 ballot propositions were on the June 5 ballot.

  • 15 of these were approved; two failed.

Bluedot.png 28 of the state's 45 ballot propositions were on the November 6 ballot.

  • 6 of these were approved; twenty-two failed.

Bluedot.png Nineteen of the 45 ballot propositions were proposed amendments to the California Constitution.

  • Eight of these amendments were proposed by the state legislature; five of those amendments were approved.
  • Eleven of these amendments were proposed through the initiated constitutional amendment process; four of these proposed amendments were approved.

On the ballot

June 5

Type Title Subject Description Result
LBM Proposition 107 Bonds $150 million to provide funds for housing programs Approveda
LBM Proposition 108 Bonds $1 billion for light-rail expenditures Approveda
LRCA Proposition 109 Admin of gov't Governor has 29 days (up from 12) to review bills after adjournment in first year of legislative session Approveda
LRCA Proposition 110 Taxes Property tax exemption for severely disabled persons. Approveda
LRCA Proposition 111 Taxes 55% increase in truck weight fees, 5-cent increase in fuel tax starting in 1990, more later Approveda
LRCA Proposition 112 State legislature Elected officials can't accept compensation for representing another before a state agency. Approveda
LRSS Proposition 113 Regulation Renewal of chiropractor licenses during month of birth rather than on January 1 of each year Approveda
LRSS Proposition 114 Judiciary Increase the numbers & types of peace officers covered by the Briggs Death Penalty Act Approveda
CICA Proposition 115 Judiciary Those accused of crimes to have no greater constitutional rights than afforded under federal constitution Approveda
CISS Proposition 116 Bonds $1.99 billion for passenger and commuter rail Approveda
CISS Proposition 117 Animals Habitat and wildlife protection Approveda
CICA Proposition 118 Legislature Redistricting plan requires 2/3 vote of each house, approval by voters Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 119 Legislature 12-person commission to re-draw legislative district boundaries after each census Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 120 Bonds $450 million for prisons Approveda
LBM Proposition 121 Bonds $450 million for higher education Approveda
LBM Proposition 122 Bonds $300 million for earthquake safety Approveda
LBM Proposition 123 Bonds $800 million for public schools Approveda

November 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition 124 Regulation Local hospital districts allowed to own stock of corporations engaging in any health-related business Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 125 Budget Revenues raised from taxes on motor vehicle fuels can be used for various rail transit expenditures Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 126 Taxes Increase tax on alcohol Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 127 Taxes Property value increases due to installing earthquake safety improvements not subject to property tax Approveda
CISS Proposition 128 Bonds $340 million for acquiring ancient redwoods and pesticide research Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 129 Bonds $1.9 billion for drug enforcement programs Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 130 Bonds $742 million for forest acquisition Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 131 Elections Term limits, campaign finance changes. Repeal of Prop 68 and Prop 78 passed in 1988. Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 132 Taxes Additional fees and licensing for sport-fishing and for using gill and trammel nets Approveda
CISS Proposition 133 Law enforcement Tax increase for drug crime enforcement and education Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 134 Taxes Surtax on alcohol Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 135 Environment Pesticide regulations Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 136 Elections Establishes right to vote on certain tax increases Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 137 Direct democracy Voter approval of statutes that establish procedures for statewide or local initiatives or referendums Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 138 Bonds $300 million in bonds for forests and timberland Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 139 Law enforcement Prison and jail officials allowed to contract with outside agencies for inmate labor Approveda
CICA Proposition 140 Term limits California senators limited to 2 terms (8 years), assemblymen to 3 terms (6 years) Approveda
LRSS Proposition 141 Regulation Businesses prohibited from releasing carcinogenic chemicals into water Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 142 Bonds $400 million for bonds for veteran housing Approveda
LBM Proposition 143 Bonds $450 million in bonds for higher education Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 144 Bonds $450 million for construction of jails and prisons Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 145 Bonds $200 million for bonds/first-time homebuyers Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 146 Bonds $800 million for public schools Approveda
LBM Proposition 147 Bonds $225 million for county jails Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 148 Bonds $380 million for water projects Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 149 Bonds $437 million for parks, recreation Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 150 Bonds $200 million for county courthouses Defeatedd
LBM Proposition 151 Bonds $30 million for child care facilities Defeatedd

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