California 2008 presidential primary election results

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California's statewide ballots

Statewide propositions or candidate Results
California Proposition 91 (2008) Defeated 41.9% yes/58.1% no[1]
California Proposition 92 (2008) Defeated 42.7% yes/57.3% no
California Proposition 93 (2008) Defeated 46.4% yes/53.6% no
California Proposition 94 (2008) Approved 55.8% yes/44.2% no
California Proposition 95 (2008) Approved 55.9% yes/44.1% no
California Proposition 96 (2008) Approved 55.8% yes/44.2% no
California Proposition 97 (2008) Approved 55.8% yes/44.2% no
Clinton-Obama/the Democratic primary Obama at 42.4%, Clinton at 52%[2]
McCain-Romney/the GOP primary Romney at 34.1%, McCain at 42%,
Huckabee at 11.6%, Ron Paul at 4.3%[3]

California's local ballot issues

The February 5 elections around the state included 39 school districts asking for additional funding through local general obligation bond issues. 30 of the 39 passed with more than the 55% approval rate required by Prop 39 for their passage, for a total of approximately $3.9 billion in approved local school construction funds.

Eighteen of the thirty that passed would have failed to gain approval before Proposition 39 lowered the success threshold from two-thirds to 55%. The eighteen that passed because of the 55% threshold that would not have passed with a 2/3 threshold added $2.3 billion in new spending.

Local ballot issues Results
City of Pasadena Utility Users Tax, Measure D (February 2008) Wins with 61%[4]
City of Los Angeles Communications Users Tax, Measure S (February 2008) Wins with 67%[5]
City of Newport Beach Location of City Hall, Measure B (February 2008) Wins with 52.8%[6]
City of Coronado Voter Pre-Approval of Beach Facilities, Proposition A (February 2008) Loses[7]
City of Coronado Lifeguard Building Approval, Proposition B (February 2008) Wins[8][9]
Poway Unified School District bond proposition, Measure C (February 2008) Wins[10]
Cajon Valley Union School District bond proposition, Measure D (February 2008) Wins[11]
Rancho Santa Fe School District bond proposition, Measure E (February 2008) Wins[12]
Alameda County Children's Hospital parcel tax, Measure A (February 2008) Loses with 41%[13]
Alameda County "Children's Hospital Special Tax Initiative," Measure B (February 2008) Polls ordered open 'til 10:00 p.m.
Alameda County Measure E (2008) Polls ordered open 'til 10:00 p.m.
Alameda County Measure G (2008) Passes[14]
San Gabriel Unified School District bond proposition, Measure A (February 2008) Wins[15]
San Francisco Proposition A (2008) Winning with 64%[16]
San Francisco Proposition B (2008) Winning with 62%[17]
San Francisco Alcatraz Peace Center, Proposition C (February 2008) (Alcatraz peace center) Losing with 27%[18]
San Mateo County Measure B (2008) Winning[19]
Dry Creek Joint School District bond proposition, Measure E (February 2008) Passed
Contra Costa Measure A (2008) Passed
Contra Costa Measure B (2008) Passed
City of Sanger Sales Tax (2008)
City of Arcata Utility Users Tax, Measure A (February 2008)
Manila Community Services District Water Fluoridation, Measure B (February 2008)
El Cerito Measure A (2008) Winning[20]
Richmond Measure B (2008) Winning[21]
East Side Union High School Measure D (2008) Winning[22]
Santa Clara Measure A (2008) Winning[23]
Santa Clara Measure B (2008) Winning[24]
Majority of local school measures winning[25] -

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