California Assembly Bill 354 (2013)

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California Assembly Bill 354 (2013)
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Legislature:California State Legislature
Text:AB 354
Sponsor(s):Assembly Member Brian Dahle (R-1)
Legislative History
Introduced:February 13, 2013
State house:August 22, 2013
State senate:August 19, 2013
Governor:Jerry Brown
Signed:September 9, 2013
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing local ballot measures
Code:Elections code
Section:9160, 9280, 9313, 9314, and 9500

California Assembly Bill 354 was signed into law on September 9, 2013 after being introduced by its sponsor on February 13, 2013, and unanimously approved in both the House and Senate.[1][2]


AB 354 Requires the impartial analysis prepared for a local ballot measure to clearly indicate whether the measure was put on the ballot through a citizen petition drive or by the city council, county supervisors or district board of directors.[2]

Changes in code

AB 354 amended sections 9160, 9280, 9313, 9314, and 9500 of the California elections code.

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