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California Attorney General election, 2010

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AttyGenLogo.jpg Attorney General news headlines
The California Attorney General election of 2010 was held on November 2, 2010. Incumbent Democrat Jerry Brown did not stand for re-election, instead choosing to run for governor.[1] A crowded field of 14 candidates had emerged by May 28 in the race to replace Brown, including three Republicans, six Democrats, and five from third parties.[2]

Following a primary election on June 8, Kamala D. Harris (Democrat) narrowly defeated Steve Cooley (Republican) by a margin of 0.8 percent to claim the seat.[3]

Race tracking

See also: 2010 State Attorneys General/Election Racetracking

Both Ballotpedia and Governing magazine gave the Republican Party a slight edge in the California attorney general race.

2010 Race Rankings for California Attorney General
Race Tracker Race Rating
Ballotpedia Leans Republican
Governing[4] Leans Republican
Overall Call Leans Republican

General Election campaign


Republican Party Republican Party - Los Angeles County district attorney Steve Cooley
Democratic Party Democratic Party - San Francisco district attorney Kamala D. Harris
Green Party Green Party - Peter Allen
Libertarian Party Libertarian Party - Timothy Hannan
Peace and Freedom Party Peace and Freedom Party - Robert J. "Bob" Evans
American Independent American Independent Party - Diane Templin

General election results

2010 Race for Attorney General - General Election[5]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Democratic Party ApprovedaKamala D. Harris 46.1%
     Republican Party Steve Cooley 45.3%
     Green Party Peter Allen 2.7%
     Libertarian Party Timothy Hannan 2.6%
     American Independent Party Diane Templin 1.7%
     Peace and Freedom Party Robert J. Evans 1.6%
Total Votes 9,544,403


On Tuesday, October 5th, the University of California-Davis School of Law played host to the first and only scheduled debate between the two major party candidates in the race for state attorney general, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley and San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris. Among the topics that were highlighted during the debate included the Arizona's anti-illegal immigration bill, the death penalty, the federal health insurance mandate, overcrowding in state prisons, the state's marijuana initiative, the gay marriage ban, and even outgoing State Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.


Steve Cooley

  • Bakersfield Californian, local newspaper[6]
  • California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations[7]
  • California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF)[8]
  • California Law and Order Independent Expenditure Committee (CA L&O)[9][10]
  • California State Law Enforcement Association[11]
  • California State Sheriffs’ Association (CSSA)[12]
  • The Espinoza Family[13]
  • Los Angeles Daily News, local newspaper[6]
  • Los Angeles Police Protective League[14][15]
  • Los Angeles Times, local newspaper[16]
  • Merced Sun-Star, local newspaper[17]
  • Modesto Bee, local newspaper[18]
  • Orange County Business Council (OCBC)[19]
  • Sacramento Bee, local newspaper[20]
  • Peace Officers Research Association[7]
  • San Diego Union-Tribune, local newspaper[21]
  • San Jose Mercury News, local newspaper[22]

Kamala Harris


According to Election Track, as of October 25, 2010, the breakdown of campaign financing in the general election was as follows:


See also: Polls, 2010 State Attorney General elections
Date of Poll Pollster Steve Cooley (R) Kamala Harris (D) Undecided Minor Party Candidate Number polled
June 22-July 5[33] The Field 37% 34% 29% N/A 357
September 14-21[34] The Field 35% 31% 34% N/A 599
September 23-27[35] Dave Binder Research 27% 30% 32% 11% 800
October 12-13[36] USC/Los Angeles Times 40% 35% 20% 5% 922
October 14-26[37] The Field 39% 38% 19% 4% 1,501

Besides noting general trends in support for each candidate, the above polls also provided additional details about demographic trends in either candidate's camp.

The Field Research Corporation of San Francisco noted in the release of its June 22-July 5 poll that Steve Cooley, who served three terms as district attorney for Los Angeles County, received significant support in southern California. Kamala Harris, district attorney for San Francisco, had her support concentrated in the north.[38] Another Field Poll, held September 14-21, found that Cooley held a ten point lead among mail-in voters, while Harris held a one percentage edge with precinct voters. A USC/Los Angeles Times poll held October 13-20 found that 22 percent of interviewees identified as Democrats breaking for Cooley.[39]

June 8, 2010 primaries

See also: California gubernatorial election, 2010; California Secretary of State election, 2010

Donkey symbol.png Democratic primary


Electoral results

2010 Race for Attorney General - Democratic Primary[47]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Democratic Party Kamala Harris 33.1%
     Democratic Party Chris Kelly 15.9%
     Democratic Party Alberto Torrico 14.9%
     Democratic Party Ted Lieu 10.5%
     Democratic Party Rocky Delgadillo 10.1%
     Democratic Party Pedro Nava 9.9%
     Democratic Party Mike Schmier 5.6%
Total Votes 1,676,360


Alberto Torrico


Chris Kelly

  • Association of Deputy District Attorneys of Los Angeles County
  • Orange County Professional Firefighters Association
  • Tech Crunch[53]

Kamala Harris

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala D. Harris

Pedro Nava

  • Bob Brooks - County of Ventura Sheriff
  • California Federation of Teachers (CFT)[48]
  • Ed Begley Jr., actor and environmental activist
  • Humane Society Legislative Fund
  • Lupe Anguiano, Executive Director of Stewards of the Earth
  • Pierce and Keely Brosnan
  • Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles
  • Sierra Club California[79]
  • State Coalition of Probation Organizations
  • Teamsters Local Union #186

Ted Lieu

  • AFSCME Local 1117
  • Asian American Action Fund (AAAF)[54]
  • California Association of Code Enforcement Officers
  • California Federation of Teachers (CFT)[48]
  • California Peace Officers Association
  • California Police Chiefs Association[51]
  • California School Employees Association
  • Communications Workers of America, Local 9000
  • Congressman David Wu
  • Congresswoman Judy Chu
  • Congresswoman Jane Harman
  • ILWU Local 13
  • Lee Baca - Los Angeles County Sheriff
  • Long Beach Police Officers Association
  • SEIU State Council[52]
  • SEIU Local 1000
  • Southwestern Regional Council of Carpenters


According to Election Track, as of June 8, 2010, the breakdown of campaign finances in the Democratic primary was as follows:

  • Rocky Delgadillo - $116,400 in contributions since May 22, 2010 (with $149,762 on hand)[80]
  • Kamala Harris - $237,618 (with $636,471 on hand)[31]
  • Chris Kelly - $2,463,662 (with $102,984 on hand)[81]
  • Ted Lieu - $65,800 (with $577,002 on hand)[82]
  • Pedro Nava - $5,000 (with $24,534 on hand)[83]
  • Alberto Torrico - $74,753 (with $522,335 on hand)[84]


See also: Polls, 2010 State Attorney General elections
Date of Poll Pollster Rocky Delgadillo (D) Kamala Harris (D) Chris Kelly (D) Ted Lieu (D) Pedro Nava (D) Mike Schmier (D) Alberto Torrico (D) Undecided Number polled
May 6 - 9[85] Survey USA 16% 22% 11% 10% 8% 2% 4% 28% 621
May 21 - 23[86] Survey USA 13% 25% 17% 7% 8% 3% 5% 28% 700
June 3 - 6[87] Survey USA 16% 26% 20% 6% 8% 2% 6% 15% 617

Gop logo2.jpg Republican primary


Electoral results

2010 Race for Attorney General - Republican Primary[47]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Republican Party Steve Cooley 47.3%
     Republican Party John Eastman 34.2%
     Republican Party Tom Harman 18.5%
Total Votes 1,555,709


Steve Cooley

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley
  • California Homicide Investigators Association (CHIA)
  • California Narcotic Officers’ Association[91]
  • California Peace Officers’ Association
  • California Police Chiefs Association[51]
  • California Reserve Peace Officers Association[91]
  • California Robbery Investigators Association (CRIA)
  • Jerry Sanders, Mayor of San Diego
  • Lee Baca - Los Angeles County Sheriff
  • Lincoln Club of Northern California State PAC
  • Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association
  • Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association[91]
  • Los Angeles School Police Association
  • Los Angeles Times[66][92]
  • Modesto Bee[67]
  • Sacramento Bee[69]
  • San Jose Mercury News[72]
  • Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement (SCALE)[91]
  • Tom Armstrong, Chief of Police of City of El Monte

John Eastman

  • Assemblyman Chuck DeVore
  • Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA - Los Angeles)[93]
  • California Congress of Republicans
  • California Prolife Council[94]
  • California Republican Assembly[95]
  • Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
  • Congressman John Campbell
  • Congressman Tom McClintock
  • Dennis Prager, conservative talk-show host[96]
  • Frank Pastore, conservative talk-show host and former professional baseball player
  • Grand Ol Patriot Trumpeter, Sacramento Tea Party Group
  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC
  • Hugh Hewitt, conservative talk-show host[96]
  • Laura Ingraham, conservative talk-show host[96]
  • Mark Levin, conservative talk-show host and author[96]
  • National Organization for Marriage (NOM)
  • Orange County Lincoln Club[97]
  • South Bay Tax Day Tea Party

Tom Harman


According to Election Track, as of June 8, 2010, the breakdown of campaign finances in the Republican primary was as follows:


See also: Polls, 2010 State Attorney General elections
Date of Poll Pollster Steve Cooley (R) John Eastman (R) Tom Harman (R) Undecided Number polled
May 6 - 9[101] Survey USA 22% 14% 29% 36% 548
May 21 - 23[102] Survey USA 29% 14% 28% 28% 600
June 3 - 6[103] Survey USA 30% 19% 25% 26% 569


Ballot description

In late-March 2010, Eastman filed suit in Sacramento Superior Court to have his ballot description reinstated. Secretary of State Debra Bowen rejected the his title of "assistant attorney general" believing "it was misleading to voters."[104] While it is true that Eastman did hold such a title, it was for South Dakota and not California.

About a week later, Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley agreed with Bowen's assessment and similarly rejected the candidate's second choice, ""taxpayer advocate/attorney." He ordered that Eastman "to be identified instead as a "constitutional law attorney."" The case against the former dean's use of the title was joined by former Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, a challenger of Eastman's for the Republican nomination in the state's attorney general race. A spokesman for his campaign praised the decision, contending that Eastman had tried to use a "blatantly false and misleading ballot designation in an effort to fool the voters."[105]

Campaign stalker accusations

Two days following the conclusion of the 2010 Democratic State Convention in Los Angeles, California, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris released a memo suggesting that Chris Kelly's campaign had deliberately sent a staffer with a video camera to record everything every word she said and every individual she interacted with. In campaigning, this is called tracking and is a commonly used campaign tactic all over the country. The Harris campaign, however, labeled this stunt as a "cheap invasion of Harris's privacy."[106]

Though refusing to admit whether or not he had in fact done what Harris's campaign had accused him of doing, Kelly argued in response that the San Francisco DA had sent her own stalkers to harass him. These individuals, he said, followed him "around the convention, complete with Nixon masks and signs." They had even crashed a party he held later that evening, where upon his spokesman claims he bought them drinks because "he's classy like that."[106]

Deborah Madden

Three months after Deborah Madden, a San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) drug-test technician, resigned from her position and entered treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, all drug testing at the police crime lab was halted. It had been suspected that Madden, whose responsibilities included vouching for the weight and purity of seized drugs, skimmed cocaine after "officials discovered that the evidence was missing during a crime lab audit conducted" prior to her departure.[107] The audit itself had been prompted after a supervisor became aware of apparent tampering with the packaging of drug evidence. In a police interview conducted nearly a month after the investigation into the matter began, Madden admitted to using cocaine found at work in order "to try to control her drinking habit after trying it from a friend."[108]

California Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo severely reprimanded Harris's office for hiding information regarding Madden, designating the refusal "to produce information actually in its possession regarding Madden and the crime lab a violation of the defendants' constitutional rights."[109] San Francisco prosecutors have been forced to dismiss more than 600 drug cases since the scandal first broke.

FPPC complaint

Kelly's Democratic primary challenger, Kamala Harris, filed a complaint on Monday, May 24, 2010, with the state's political watchdog agency, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), alleging that the former Facebook CPO "violated state election law in donating nearly $10 million to his campaign for attorney general."[110] The accusation specifically targeted his sale of private stock in Facebook to a Delaware-based private equity firm, FBI Investments, a financial transaction Kelly's spokesman argued is routine and in perfect compliance with the law.

The Harris campaign, however, disagreed, arguing that the state campaign finance laws bound Kelly to treat the sale as a political contribution as "it was obtained for a political purpose from a private equity firm, not a commercial lending institution."[110] According to the state agency's website, the FFPC had at least fourteen days in which to decide how best to proceed with the complaint. Though the Harris campaign first filed the grievance on May 24, it was not clear whether the FFPC would respond in time due to time lost to the Memorial Day weekend. However, on the morning of the state primary election, the state political watchdog group dismissed the matter explaining that they had "found insufficient evidence to warrant further investigation."[111]

Gladwin Gill contribution

In late-August 2010, the Los Angeles Weekly published an article accusing Steve Cooley of playing politics when it came to enforcing the state's campaign finance laws. Specifically, the newspaper argued that Cooley had engaged in selective prosecution of "conduit contributors," moneyed individuals who reimburse various family members, friends, or associates for their contributions, thus skirting campaign contribution limits. Cooley, in his capacity as Los Angeles County district attorney, aggressively targeted real estate developer and high-profile Democratic Party contributor Alan Casden, as well as John Archibald, an executive at Casden's company. Cooley accused the two of "reimbursing friends and associates for donations to city politicians."[112] At the same time, he failed to pursue legal action against Gladwin Gill, a Pakistani immigrant who has twice been convicted of the exact same scheme. It was reported that Gill and several of his associates donated generously to Cooley's re-election campaign, each one making the maximum $1,000 contribution.[113]

Norman Hsu contribution

Three weeks after her campaign sharply criticized Steve Cooley for accepting political contributions from convicted lobbyist Gladwin Gill, Kamala Harris was accused of doing the same. Norman Hsu, a convicted pyramid investment promoter who raised considerable financial contributions for Democratic politicians, donated $1,250 to Kamala Harris, who has since refused to return the money despite other Democrats willingness to do so. A spokesman for the Harris campaign claims she had "wanted to donate Hsu's contributions to charity during her 2007 re-election campaign, but San Francisco law prohibits candidates from doing so during an active race."[114] After winning re-election as San Francisco district attorney, Harris insisted that she made the donation to the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium. A spokesman for her Republican opponent's campaign argues that her explanation proves she is either "incompetent or dishonest."[114]

Police officer backgrounds

Possible misconduct by the San Francisco district attorney's office during Kamala Harris's tenure put the candidate in an uncomfortable position in the lead up to the June 8 primary

The failure of prosecutors from Harris's office to disclose the criminal backgrounds of San Francisco cops put hundreds of past convictions in jeopardy. It was revealed in early 2010 that both the local police department and prosecutors "did not disclose to defense attorneys in cases in which officers testified" that over eighty of the area's police officers had criminal histories.[115] State and federal law requires that prosecutors alert defense lawyers when any witness in a case has been arrested, convicted or accused of a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. Though a police officer's brush with the law does not disqualify their testimony, it gives the defense an opportunity to question their credibility.

A spokesman for the San Francisco District Attorney's Office said that prosecutors were working tirelessly to rectify issues "in what he described as an 'imperfect" process' of disclosing officers' backgrounds to defense lawyers."[115] Regardless, local public defender Jeff Adachi said that it was the responsibility of Harris's office to check the criminal backgrounds of every single witness and they failed to do so.[116]

Sunshine Law violation

San Francisco's Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, a private citizen run organization that "advises the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on matters relating to the city's open-government laws," charged District Attorney Kamala Harris with violating local open-government laws three days prior to the 2010 general election.[117] Shortly after the state's June 8th primary in which Harris held off four other challengers for the Democratic nomination in the race for State Attorney General, Steve Cooley, her Republican opponent, filed a public records request with her office "asking for a list of internal documents such as office budgets, workplace-related complaints filed against Harris, phone records, salary and per diem expenses, office calendars, security detail information and email records from 1998 to present."[117] Harris's campaign released only documents covering travel expenses, office budgets, and the number of office employees and their titles.

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