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California Counts! was a group that supported the California Presidential Electoral Reform Initiative. The movement was previously spearheaded by Californians for Equal Representation, which disbanded in September, 2007 due to lack of funding.

They are endorsed by: the California Republican Party, the National Tax Limitation Committee PAC, the California Republican Assembly, the Placer County Republican Party, the Orange County Republican Party,and California Republican Women’s Federated.


Darrell Issa, the Republican Rep from the 49th California Congressional District has been a top donor in the campaign, giving $50,000.

Shortly, after his donation, the San Jose Mercury News reported that $2 million has been donated to the campaign.[1]


The following is a list of donors supporting California Counts!.[2]

Contributor Amount
California Republican Party $80,001.00
Darrell Issa $50,000.00
Duane R. Roberts $50,000.00
Floyd Kvamme $50,000.00
Jerrold Perenchio $50,000.00
Lewis Uhler $49,000.00
Robert Day $45,000.00
Glen Holden $25,000.00
Edward Allred $20,000.00
Paula Meehan $20,000.00
4580 Building Corp. $15,000.00
AMG Management Company $15,000.00
Aribo Corporation $15,000.00
Elliott Broidy $10,000.00
Gary L. Wilson $10,000.00
William Davis $10,000.00
Issa for Congress $9,700.00
Bill Leonard $5,000.00
Lewis Eisenberg $5,000.00
Richard Thieriot $5,000.00
Total $538,701.00


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