California Non-Profit Donor Disclosure Initiative (2014)

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A California "Death Penalty Reform and Savings" Initiative (#13-0054) was approved for circulation in California as a contender for the November 4, 2014, ballot as an initiated state statute.

Supporters of the initiative referred to it as the "Nonprofit Donor Full Disclosure Act of 2014."

Text of measure

Ballot title:

Campaign Finance. Political Communications. Donor Disclosure. Initiative Statute.

Official summary:

"Requires a nonprofit organization to disclose its $1,000 donors if it spends over $50,000 in donor funds, for year, on political activities in California. Requires certain nonprofit organizations to disclose their $10,000 donors if the nonprofit spends $400,000 per legislative session or $75,000 per calendar quarter on lobbying, or on communications that identify but do not advocate for or against a candidate. Requires communications that are distributed urging recipients to contact government officials, for purpose of influencing governmental action, to identify the two largest donors of $50,000 or more funding the distribution."

Fiscal impact statement:

(Note: The fiscal impact statement for a California ballot initiative authorized for circulation is jointly prepared by the state's Legislative Analyst and its Director of Finance.)

"No significant fiscal effect on state or local governments."



Path to the ballot

See also: Signature requirements for ballot measures in California
  • Lance Olson submitted a letter requesting a title and summary on December 11, 2013.
  • A title and summary were issued by the Attorney General of California's office on February 10, 2014.[2]
  • 504,760 valid signatures were required for qualification purposes.
  • Supporters had until July 10, 2014, to collect and submit the required number of signatures, as petition circulators are given 150 days to circulate petitions.
  • The Secretary of State’s suggested signature filing deadline for the November 4, 2014, ballot was April 18, 2014. This means that if supporters had submitted enough valid signatures by July 10 but after April 18, the measure could have been pushed back as far as the next statewide general election, in November 2016.
  • The Secretary of State's office said the measure did not qualify for the ballot on July 24, 2014.

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