California Political Party Nomination by Congressional District Initiative (2008)

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The Political Party Nomination by Congressional District Initiative (07-0052) was an initiated state statute whose supporters hoped to qualify it for the November 2008 general election ballot in California.

In order to make the ballot, the initiative's supporters would have had to turn in 433,971 valid signatures by March 17, 2008. However, the California Secretary of State announced in April that the effort had failed.

The measure would have required California to select electors for president by the plurality vote in each congressional district only if a majority of the other states have adopted proportional voting prior to that presidential election.

It also:

  • Provides for political party nomination of electors pledged to vote for that party’s candidate.
  • Provides for independent electors to be chosen by independent presidential candidates and also elected by congressional district.
  • Two at-large electors selected based on plurality of statewide vote for president.
  • Eliminates $10 compensation and 5¢ per mile reimbursement of electors.

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