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California Proposition 1, Ban on Drinking Saloons (1918)

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Proposition 1 appeared on the ballot in California in 1918 as an initiated state statute. Its goal was to regulate liquor use and sales, prohibit drinking saloons, and limit the number of liquor licenses available in a given area.

Defeatedd It was defeated at the polls.

The Prohibition Amendment had appeared on the California ballot, and been defeated, just four short years earlier.

Two other alcohol-related measures appeared on the 1914 California ballot--California Proposition 39 (1914) and California Proposition 47 (1914)--both of which were geared toward mitigating the impact of the drive to prohibit alcohol in the state.

California Proposition 2 (1916) appeared on the 1916 ballot--it also lost--which attempted to prohibit alcohol by prohibiting its use.

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