California Referendum on U.S. Congressional Maps After Redistricting (2012)

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A Referendum on the U.S. Congressional District Redistricting Plan (#11-0036) did not qualify for California's 2012 ballot.[1]

11-0036 was an attempt to use California's veto referendum process to nullify the U.S. Congress redistricting plan approved by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission..

Supporters had until November 13, 2011 to collect the 504,760 signatures that were required to qualify the measure for the ballot.

A separate referendum, the Referendum on the California State Senate Redistricting Plan, is likely to appear on the 2012 ballot in California, since its supporters turned in 710,924 signatures in early November 2011.[2]


Julie Vandermost filed the official request for a ballot title.


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A September 2011 poll conducted by Field Poll indicated that most voters would not vote to overturn the California U.S. Congressional district maps drawn by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission. (Note: A "yes" vote on this referendum is a vote to maintain intact the work of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.) 34% of those surveyed said that they were aware of the commission's redistricting work.[3][4]

Date of Poll Pollster In favor Opposed Undecided Number polled
September 1-12, 2011 Field Poll 44% 28% 28% 1,001

History of redistricting votes

We Draw The Lines

California voters have in the past been asked to vote on redistricting plans using their power of veto referendum.

In 1928 and 1982, voters weighed in on these measures:

Path to the ballot

See also: California signature requirements

Sponsors of 11-0036 needed to collect 504,760 signatures by November 13, 2011 to qualify the measure for the ballot.

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