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The California School Finance Center is a transparency tool created by the Pacific Research Institute and Just for the Kids—California that looks to help people understand school finance and academic achievement. It compiles publicly-available information on public school revenue, achievement, and student demographic data from a dozen California Department of Education sources to present a complete picture of California public school funding to enable informed decisions about education policies. The goal is to provide a tool that helps school districts become more efficient in their quest to raise student academic achievement.

The mission of the Center is to provide:

  • Transparency - Provide accurate, timely and searchable information on how California's public school districts and charter schools are funded.
  • Comparisons - Compare the financial and academic performance of school districts and charter schools with look-a-likes that are getting higher academic achievement from similar resources.
  • Improvement - Identify high performing school districts and charter schools based upon their finances and student academic achievement results so that others can replicate their best practices.

Source of data

Data used to create the graphic visualizations provided by the California School Finance Center is retrieved from the California Department of Education (CDE) website.

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