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The California State Association of Counties, or CSAC, is a lobbying association in California. The members of the association are California counties, who support CSAC through the payment of dues and other fees.

CSAC has been an active contributor to ballot measure campaigns in California. The Taxpayer Protection Act is a 2008 initiative directed at reforming the level of disclosure that CSAC could have to make about where the money is coming from that it donates to ballot measure campaigns.

Ballot measures on which CSAC has taken on position


Taxpayer-funded lobbying

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The California State Association of Counties is a government sector lobbying association. According to a Pacific Research Institute study, the group is funded in whole or in part by taxpayer dollars, in the form of membership dues paid by local governments.[1]

California State Association of Counties has reported $1,160,000 spent on lobbying the federal government since 2000 (see table).

Reported lobbying expenditures, 2000-2009[2]
Year Amount spent on lobbying
2009 $40,000
2008 $160,000
2007 $160,000
2006 $160,000
2005 $120,000
2004 $120,000
2003 $120,000
2002 $120,000
2001 $80,000
2000 $80,000

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