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California State Firefighters Association

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California State Firefighters Association
The California State Firefighters' Association (CSFA) was created in 1922 to improve conditions for firefighters and enact laws that protect the public from fires. The CSFA has grown to encompass a wide variety of members. CSFA's stated purpose is "to foster and promote a better understanding among members, elected and appointed officials and the public; to encourage the maintenance of the civil service system; to promote the observance of high standards of conduct for firefighters; and to work for the enactment and maintenance of laws and regulations that benefit fire service personnel and protect life and property."[1]

Mission statement

"We are dedicated to ensuring our members a strong and united voice in the evolution of the fire service, through unity in leadership, political action, education, and quality member services."[1]


The CSFA is governed by their board of directors. Directors are elected at the annual conference and each director as a region which he/she represents. The northern and southern region have 2 directors each and the central region has 4 directors.[2]