California State Parks Foundation

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California State Parks Foundation
The California State Parks Foundation (CSPF)was founded in 1969. CSPF is a non-profit "organization dedicated to protecting, enhancing and advocating for California's magnificent state parks."[1] Now the CSPF has 120,000 members and has raised over $170 million to benefit state parks.[1]

Major areas of work

  • "Serving as the independent voice for state parks by facilitating capital improvements, advocating for adequate funding and sound policies for state parks, including deferred maintenance support, and funding educational programs, habitat restoration and land acquisition."[1]
  • "Cultivating stewardship of state parks by hosting annual Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup programs and supporting Volunteer Enhancement programs."[1]
  • "Encouraging environmental education and visitation of state parks by supporting programs such as Coast Alive!, FamCamp®, Bay Youth for the Environment, Junior Rangers and Junior Lifeguards."[1]


The CSPF is governed by their board of directors (dead link) and their staff (dead link).