California Taxpayer Right to Know Act (2010)

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The Taxpayer Right to Know Act or SB 501 was proposed by Sen. Lou Correa-D, which seeks to improve public access to information about salaries and benefits by state government employees.[1] The bill was proposed after it was revealed that the Bell City Manager was making over $1.5 million a year in compensation.[2]

The legislation states that each employee would be require to file a compensation disclosure form, which would then be posted on the government entity's local website.[1] Areas of compensation would include: salaries and stipends, reimbursements for expenses, the employers’ costs of providing benefits and any other perks.[1]

The Legislature finds and declares that the fiscal integrity and stability of local governmental agencies in this state, including charter cities, has a direct impact on the long-term well-being of all the residents in this state. The likelihood of businesses locating to or staying in the state is affected by the perception of a functioning, transparent and practical governmental structure in the local governmental bodies in California. Therefore, the Legislature finds and declares that to ensure the statewide integrity of local government, the disclosure and compensation paid to officers and designated employees is an issue of statewide concern and not a municipal affair …

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