California budget: Republicans in favor of tax increases

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Six Republicans in the California State Legislature came out in favor of tax increases as a part of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposed solution to the California state budget crisis. Three of the Republicans are in the lower house of the legislature, the State Assembly, and three are in the upper house, the Senate.

Republicans' role in passing the budget

California has a two-thirds-vote requirement in each house of the Legislature to pass a budget or raise taxes. This works to give political minorities an effective veto.[1] The three Republicans in each house, therefore, provided that two-thirds majority for the budget deal.

Proposition 1A

Proposition 1A was essential in gaining the support of Republicans for the California state budget deal. This ballot measure places a cap on future state spending by using a trend line that spans the prior decade.[2]

State Assemblymen

State Senators

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