California lawmakers race to the finish to get initiative bills passed

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August 23, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

SACRAMENTO, California: With eight days remaining before the deadline to pass any bill in the California Legislature, lawmakers are racing to get initiative legislation passed and sent to the Governor's desk. Five bills with one more step to move onto the Governor's desk awaits the final voting days of session[1].

Since lawmakers returned from summer recess on August 2, 2010, a bill banning persons convicted of election fraud from accepting employment as a paid circulator was approved by the Senate and sent to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his signature. Assembly Bill 2101 was the first out of the five bills to be sent to the Governor. Other Assembly bills that are scheduled for a final vote in the Senate are Assembly Bill 1832 that increases filing fees for initiatives on an incremental basis[2] along with Assembly Bill 2088 which ends signature verification for recall petitions[3].

Two Senate bills are also awaiting one more step to move onto the Governor's desk. Senate Bill 1202, which would require the top five contributors of a ballot measure to be published in the California Voter Guide, passed the Assembly on August 19, 2010, by a 52-26 vote[4]. Due to amendments made by the Assembly, the bill is being sent back to the Senate for final approval[4]. Senate Bill 1203 got scheduled on the Assembly's voting calendar on August 19, 2010, after being placed on inactive status. The bill that would require petition circulators to wear a badge indicating their legal status, was placed on inactive status by Rep. Charles Calderon's request on June 28, 2010[5].

The final voting day of the California Legislature's 2009-2010 session is on August 31, 2010[1].

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