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The California media landscape features some of the largest markets for television, radio and print outlets in the United States. The Nielsen Company's list of top five0 television markets in 2012 included Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego with all four cities finishing in the top 30.[1] Berk Marketing's list of top 100 radio markets as of June 16, 2014 features six California cities in the top five0 including Riverside and San Jose with the previously mentioned markets.[2] The Alliance for Audited Media listed four California newspapers among the top 25 in daily newspaper circulation in the United States in 2013 including the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune.[3]

California's reputation as the engine of the television and film industry means that plenty of money and notable personalities are mobilized for advertising campaigns. This broadcasting firepower combined with the state's lengthy history of ballot measures contributes to an active market for political coverage across the state. This page details the various outlets that cover ballot measures in California.

Editorial position of major daily newspapers

For a full list of newspapers and endorsements: Endorsements of California ballot measures, 2012

A newspaper's coverage and endorsements of California's propositions are guided by the editorial position of that paper's editorial board.

This editorial position table highlights the 2012 editorial board endorsements in selected contests for six major daily newspapers in California, as well as summarizing the distribution region of each paper. Though reasons for each position vary widely from paper to paper, the positions can be generally categorized. The right-leaning position for each issue is listed immediately below with the left-leaning position holding the opposition position.

Editorial position table

Note: Clicking on the title of the proposition in the column headers takes you directly to the section of the main article about the proposition that includes short excerpts of editorial opinion. For more details on each proposition, see: California 2012 ballot propositions.

Newspaper Region Prop 30 Prop 32 Prop 34 2012 Presidential Endorsement
Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Category:Ballot measure endorsements Circle thumbs down.png Category:Ballot measure endorsements Democratic Party Barack Obama
Orange County Register Orange County Circle thumbs down.png Category:Ballot measure endorsements Circle thumbs down.png none
Sacramento Bee Sacramento, California Delta and the Sacramento Valley Category:Ballot measure endorsements Circle thumbs down.png Category:Ballot measure endorsements Democratic Party Barack Obama
San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego Circle thumbs down.png Category:Ballot measure endorsements N/A Republican Party Mitt Romney
San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Category:Ballot measure endorsements Circle thumbs down.png Category:Ballot measure endorsements Democratic Party Barack Obama
San Jose Mercury News South San Francisco Bay Category:Ballot measure endorsements Circle thumbs down.png Category:Ballot measure endorsements Democratic Party Barack Obama

Editorial position summary

The general editorial board positions are based on the above endorsements during the 2012 elections.

Left-leaning papers

Right-leaning papers

Alternative news sources without an editorial position

News sources discussing ballot measures do not necessarily offer editorial positions. Some alternative news sources that discuss propositions from multiple angles are listed below:

Public media

Public media outlets in California provide in-depth coverage of ballot measures and other elections. The California Channel is a public television channel available throughout California through funding by local cable providers. This station's coverage of public debates and proceedings of the California State Legislature is a state-level version of C-SPAN.[4] KQED serves residents of Northern California communities including Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Rosa via KQED Public Television 9 and six radio stations.[5] Southern California Public Radio operates stations in Los Angeles, Inland Empire and the Coachella Valley.[6] Residents of Southern California can also learn more about public policy debates on television stations like PBS SoCal and KCET.[7]

California blogs

California is home to a vast array of active political bloggers, covering issues from the local to the national level. The blogs listed below represent a sample of blogs written about California and by Californians, expressing views from both sides of the aisle. With topics ranging from gun rights to medical marijuana and everything in between, California blogs offer glimpses into political battles in the Golden State.

Note: Each blog features a description of the blog based on recent posts. A description in italics is the description used by the blog owner and does not reflect an endorsement by Ballotpedia.

Local politics

Statewide politics

  • Calbuzz Political news, analysis, commentary and more about California and beyond
  • California Progress Report An independent online journal that covers a wide range of public policy issues
  • California TCOT The West Coast bunker for Conservatives on Twitter
  • Calitics A progressive open source news organization for California politics
  • CALPIRG CALPIRG’s mission is to deliver persistent, result-oriented public interest activism
  • Flash Report Flash Report on California's most significant political news
  • Fox and Hounds Keeping tabs on California business and politics
  • Groundswell Blog for the California League of Conservation Voters
  • Labor's Edge Views from the California Labor Movement
  • Powder Blue Report News, finance, politics, sports, and fun from the west coast
  • Rough & Tumble A snapshot of California Public Policy and Politics
  • Woody's Woundup Everything from politics, to religion, to religious politics, to mere nostalgia

National politics

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