California state assembly members whose terms end in 2012

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There are 80 districts in the California State Assembly; each representative serves a two-year term. Every two years, all seats are up for re-election.

Of the representatives up for re-election, 31 are serving in their first term, 28 are serving in their second term, 20 are serving in their third term, and one is serving his fourth term. The 20 representatives in their third term and the one in his fourth term will be termed-out this year. Of those who are ineligible to run for another term, five are Republicans and 16 are Democrats.[1] The 21 legislators who are will not appear on the 2012 general election ticket represent 26.25% of State Assembly members.

During the 2010 Assembly elections, there were 17 legislators termed out (11 Democrats and 6 Republicans).

Serving in First Term

Richard Pan (5-D), Michael Allen (7-D), Roger Dickinson (9-D), Susan Bonilla (11-D), Bob Wieckowski (20-D), Rich Gordon (21-D), Nora Campos (23-D), Kristin Olsen (25-R), Luis Alejo (28-D), Linda Halderman (29-R), David G. Valadao (30-R), Henry T. Perea (31-D), Shannon Grove (32-R), K.H. Achadjian (33-R), Das Williams (35-D), Jeff Gorell (37-R), Mike Gatto (43-D), Gilbert Cedillo (45-D), Holly J. Mitchell (47-D), Ricardo Lara (50-D), Betsy Butler (53-D), Roger Hernandez (57-D), Tim Donnelly (59-R), Mike Morrell (63-R), Allan R. Mansoor (68-R), Donald P. Wagner (70-R), Chris Norby (72-R), Toni Atkins (76-D), Brian Jones (77-R), Ben Hueso (79-D)

Serving in Second Term

Wesley Chesbro (1-D), Jim Nielsen (2-D), Dan Logue (3-R), Mariko Yamada (8-D), Alyson Huber (10-D), Tom Ammiano (13-D), Nancy Skinner (14-D), Joan Buchanan (15-D), Gerald Hill (19-D), Paul Fong (22-D), Bill Berryhill (26-R), Bill Monning (27-D), Connie Conway (34-R), Stephen Knight (36-R), Bob Blumenfield (40-D), John Perez (46-D), Isadore Hall, III (52-D), Bonnie Lowenthal (54-D), Warren Furutani (55-D), Curt Hagman (60-R), Norma Torres (61-D), Brian Nestande (64-R), Jeff Miller (71-R), Diane Harkey (73-R), Nathan Fletcher (75-R), Martin Block (78-D), Manuel Perez (80-D)

Serving in Third Term

Jared Huffman (6-D), Fiona Ma (12-D), Sandré Swanson (16-D), Cathleen Galgiani (17-D), Mary Hayashi (18-D), James Beall Jr. (24-D), Cameron Smyth (38-R), Julia Brownley (41-D), Mike Feuer (42-D), Anthony Portantino, Jr. (44-D), Mike Davis (48-D), Mike Eng (49-D), Tony Mendoza (56-D), Wilmer Carter (62-D), Paul Cook (65-R), Kevin Jeffries (66-R), Jim Silva (67-R), Jose Solorio (69-D), Martin Garrick (74-R)

Serving in Fourth Term

Charles Calderon (58-D) served his first term from 1980-1982, and thus this term of service was not subject to the term limits legislation. He was re-elected in 2006 and has served continuously since then.

Special Election

Beth Gaines (4-R) was elected in a May 2011 special election, Felipe Fuentes (39-D) was elected in a 2007 special election and re-elected in 2008 and 2010, Steve Bradford (51-D) was elected in a 2009 special election and re-elected in 2010

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