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California state senators feel impact of term limits

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by Elizabeth Brownell

Roy Ashburn, who is ineligible to run for California State Senate because of term limits. Ashburn has held the seat since 2002

In November 1990, California became one of fourteen states that have enacted state legislative term limits. In 2010, the term limits will affect eight California state senators.

Democratic senators Dean Florez, Denise Moreno Ducheny, Gilbert Cedillo, and Gloria J. Romero, having served two four-year terms each, will be ineligible for the 2010 elections, as are Republican senators Dennis Hollingsworth, Jeff Denham, Roy Ashburn, and Samuel Aanestad.

Though the same number of Democratic senators as Republican senators will be losing their seats, the Democrats alreday have a 12-seat advantage in the state senate.

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Party As of April 2015
     Democratic Party 25
     Republican Party 14
     Vacancy 1
Total 40

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