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California voters approve over 70% of local tax and bond proposals

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November 10, 2011


Voters in 24 of California's 58 counties weighed in on local ballot measures on the November 8, 2011 ballot.

Approximately 90 local measures were on local ballots across the state. 56 of the 90 pertained to local tax and bond measures. Of the 56 that related to local bond and tax measures, voters approved 40, or close to 72%.

Type of tax or bond Approved Defeated Total
Business 6 1 7
Hotel 5 0 5
Parcel (non-school) 9 4 13
Parcel (school) 5 2 7
Sales 5[1] 4 9
Utility User Taxes 3 3 6
Bonds (city) 1 0 1
Bonds (schools) 6 2 8
Totals: 40 (71.5%) 16 (28.5%) 56

The eight school bond measures added up to a total request for $1.315 billion. The six that were approved came to a total request of $711 million (or 54.6% of the total that was requested). This contrasts to 2010, when voters approved a little over $5 billion in school bond requests, and November 2008, when voters approved $22 billion of borrowing in 87 school districts.

November 8 was the twelfth date in 2011 when local ballot measure elections took place in California.


  1. This does not include an approval of a purely advisory vote on how the revenues from a different sales tax measure (which failed) ought to be spent.