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Candidates for Secretary of State, 2010

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As of Wednesday, August 25, 2010, there are a grand total of eighty-one candidates who remain in the running for the statewide office of secretary of state in each of the respective 26 contests taking place in November.

Of the 81 candidates still campaigning for the statewide governmental position, here is the breakdown via party lines:

However, at its peak, there were as many as 104 candidates who had filed official nominating papers in the race for secretary of state; 25 candidates, therefore, were, at one point, vying for the statewide position, but as of now are no longer in contention.

Ten of those candidates dropped out of the race prior to their state's respective primary contest. Here is the breakdown via party lines:

Nineteen others lost their respective party's nomination in primary elections. Here is the breakdown via party lines:

At this point in the 2010 election cycle, all signature-filling deadlines in each of the respective 26 states with secretary of state elections have lapsed. There remain three states who still have yet to hold a primary election; these states include Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

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