Candidates for governor urge override of casino veto

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July 12, 2010

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island: First, the Rhode Island Legislature voted to send a casino gambling amendment to the general election ballot. Then, Governor of Rhode Island Donald Carcieri vetoed the proposal, taking the measure off of the ballot. Now, legislature has the option of reconvening to override the veto to let voters decide on the issue and re-send the measure to the ballot. It is unclear what decision will be made at this point, but two candidates for state governor are urging legislature to let the people decide.

Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch and General Treasurer Frank T. Caprio are trying to convince lawmakers to return to the state house to override the veto of the Governor of Rhode Island and place the measure on the ballot. According to Caprio, "The State of Rhode Island relies on almost $300 million per year in revenue generated by gaming. The future reliability of that revenue stream is now in a precarious position due to the inaction of the General Assembly."[1]

Lynch added, "The governor’s lack of leadership on this issue earlier in the legislative session, coupled with the inaction of the General Assembly, is endangering hundreds of jobs and almost $300 million per year in future revenue, especially with the expansion of gaming in Massachusetts looming in the near future."

The measure, if sent to the ballot and enacted by a majority of voters, would allow casino gambling at the state's two slot venues, Twin River and Newport Grand.

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