Carroll County, New Hampshire

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Transparency Grade
Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning N
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Audits N
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Contracts N
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Lobbying N
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Public records N
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Local taxes N
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Transparency grading process
Carroll County is one of 10 counties in New Hampshire. As of 2010, the population is 47,818[1]

Website evaluation

See also: Evaluation of New Hampshire county websites

The good

  • The website has county commissioners' meeting minutes.[2]
  • The website has county committee meeting information.[3]
  • The website has budget information available.[4]
  • The website has elected and administrative officials' information.[5]

The bad

  • The website does not have information on building permits, zoning, audits, contracts, lobbying, public records, or local taxes.
  • The website does not have county commissioners' meeting agendas.
  • The website does not post audits.
  • The website is difficult to navigate.


The 2011 proposed budget is $26.5 million.[6]


Carroll County has received a total of $19.8 million from the economic stimulus package.[7]

Project Area Cost
Education $4,773,873
Energy/Environment $10,706,100
Health/Nutrition $49,980
Public Safety $283,605
Transportation $3,975,735

Public Employees

Elected Officials

Elected officials' contact information is published but responsibilities and term information is not available.[8]

Administrative Officials

The County Commissioner supervises county operations and submits a budget to the Delegation.[9]


See also: New Hampshire state government salary

There is no public employee salary information posted.


See also: New Hampshire public pensions

There is no pension information posted.

Emergency personnel

The 2011 proposed budget estimates that the Sheriff's Department will take in $280,304 from services.


There is no lobbying information posted.

Transparency & public records

The web site has meeting minutes posted since 2008.[10]


The 2011 proposed budget estimates raising $12,847,161 in revenue from county sources.[11]

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