Cayman Islands National Lottery Referendum, 2010

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The Cayman Islands National Lottery Referendum will appear on the ballot in early 2011 in the Cayman Islands.

Former radio talk show host Gilbert McLean was spearheading the effort to gather signatures in order to put the issue of a beginning a national lottery before voters. According to reports, the petition was scheduled to be presented to McKeeva Bush, Leader of Government Business. Mclean believed that Bush would consider a national referendum if there were more than enough signatures to prove many people are behind it. According to McLean: “I believe it’s possible once word gets out that we could get a couple thousand signatures.”[1]

Although the petition did not get the required amount of signatures, government officials still felt it was prudent to put this issue to a vote.

An open house is scheduled to educate voters on the upcoming issue. People from both sides of the issue are set to debate the measure, how it would effect citizens and what specifically the ordinance would allow.[2]

The Premier of the Cayman Islands decided to push the vote to 2011 because logistically it was not feasible to vote on this in November, though he still feels that he wants the issue resolved so a vote will still be held on the issue.[3]