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Chad Fradette

Early life and career

Political career

Chad Fradette has had previous political experience serving on the Green Bay City Council

Chad Fradette was first elected to the Green Bay City Council in 2004. As a leader on the Common Council, Fradette has built a strong record of tax relief, economic development, and holding the line on government spending. After just one term on the Common Council, Fradette’s colleagues recognized his strong leadership skills and tireless advocacy for Green Bay’s families by electing him Common Council President. As Council President, Fradette has worked closely with his friend, Mayor Jim Schmitt, to ensure that Green Bay moves into the future as a great place to raise a family and run a business.

Fradette has been a fiscal leader by removing red tape for businesses, streamlining city administration to reduce costs, paying down city debt, and reducing Green Bay’s bonding so that our children aren’t saddled with debt from today’s reckless spending.

As Common Council President, Fradette has been the leading proponent of cracking down on illegal aliens in Green Bay. Fradette led the charge for a fair workplace by prohibiting city licenses from being given to illegal aliens or to employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens. Because of these efforts, Green Bay workers know that their jobs will not be taken by


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