Challengers appear in Morse, Giron recall elections

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July 30, 2013


By Alex Murray

DENVER, Colorado: Former Colorado Springs city councilman Bernie Herpin (R) has formally filed a challenge to Sen. John Morse in the recall election against the latter.

Herpin announced yesterday that he has filed over 1,600 nominating petitions to run in the September 10 election. He was selected in a July 9 contest that was limited to 51 Republican voters.[1][2]

Fellow Democratic Sen. Angela Giron also has a tentative challenger in former Pueblo deputy police chief George Rivera (R), who turned in about 1,500 signatures last Friday. Sonia Negrete-Winn (D), a social worker from Pueblo, pledged to run to prevent a Republican's election, but did not gather the required 1,000 signatures by yesterday's deadline.[3][4]

The signatures submitted by Herpin and Rivera remain to be verified.[1]

Morse and Giron are targeted for recall because of their support of gun control legislation that introduced background checks on all firearms sales, as well as limits on magazine capacity. The recall ballot for each will ask if the senator should be recalled, and if so, who should fill the vacancy. Voters will be allowed the option to write in their choice for a replacement.[5][6]

Hickenlooper set the September 10 election date on July 19 after District Judge Robert Hyatt ruled that the recall elections against Morse and Giron could move forward. Opponents charged that the petition language failed to include language calling for the election of a replacement legislator, which is constitutionally required. In his decision, Hyatt said that the call for the election of a replacement was implied.[7]

Ballots will be mailed out on August 19.[8] Colorado is one of 13 Democratic state government trifectas.

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