Challengers who defeated incumbents in 2012's state legislative elections

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For the incumbents who were defeated by these challengers, see: Incumbents defeated in 2012's state legislative elections.

Challengers who won primaries

  • There were a total of 44 states holding 2012 state legislative elections. In those states, 1,175 incumbents faced an opponent in a primary.
  • A total of 194 incumbents were defeated in 2012 legislative primaries.
  • 45 challengers to incumbent state senators (14 Democrats and 30 Republicans)
  • 149 challengers to incumbent state representatives (56 Democrats and 93 Republicans)
  • 70 Democratic challengers to incumbent Democrats (14 state senators and 56 state representatives)
  • 123 Republican challengers to incumbent Republicans (30 state senators and 93 state representatives)

Challengers who won in November

New Legislators after the 2012 legislative elections
Party Senate House Total
Democratic 165 684 849
Republican 202 652 854
Independent 0 4 4
TOTALS 367 1,340 1,707

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