Charles Cone, Terry Cone and Carolyn DeBaets recall, Burwell, Nebraska (2010)

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A vote about whether to recall Charles Cone, Terry Cone and Carolyn DeBaets from their positions as members of the Burwell, Nebraska, city council took place on November 2, 2010. All three officials retained their positions.[1][2]

At the time of recall, Charles Cone was Burwell's mayor, Terry Cone represented Burwell's Ward I and Carolyn DeBaets represented Ward II.[3]

Election results

  • Votes to recall Charles Cone: 278
  • Votes to keep Charles Cone: 290 Defeatedd

  • Votes to recall Terry Cone: 129
  • Votes to keep Terry Cone: 173 Defeatedd

  • Votes to recall Carolyn DeBaets: 127
  • Votes to keep Carolyn DeBaets: 132 Defeatedd

Reasons given for recall

The recall petition for each recall target said that the recall target "has failed to allow the public to vote and decide democratically whether to prohibit the addition of fluoride to the drinking water of the city of Burwell and has failed to keep the public adequately informed on important issues effecting the safety, health and well-being of city residents."[3]

The Nebraska legislature enacted a law in 2008 that required cities with populations over 1,000 to add fluoride to the water supply. Communities were allowed to opt out up through 2010 by putting the idea to a popular vote.

Path to the ballot

In order to qualify the recall vote for the ballot, organizers had to collect signatures in a 30-day span that began on June 7. They were required to collect 44 signatures to trigger a recall election for DeBaets, 82 signatures to trigger a recall for Terry Cone and 112 signatures to trigger a recall for Charles Cone.[4]

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