Charles Melki and Diane Hyrman recall, Gaines Township, Michigan (2014)

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Efforts to recall Supervisor Charles Melki, Treasurer Diane Hyrman, and Clerk Michael Dowler in Gaines Township, Michigan from their positions were launched in 2013 and 2014. Between November 2013 and February 2014, eight recall attempts were made against Melki and Hyrman.[1][2]

Recall proponent arguments

Petition language submitted for approval by proponents for the recall of Hyrman cited her vote against the addition of a police millage rate to the 2013 general election ballot. Petition language submitted for the recall of Melki cited his decision to add the police millage rate to the 2013 ballot as reason for the recall effort.[1][2]

Path to the ballot

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Several petitions calling for the recall of Hyrman and Melki were submitted for approval to the Genesee County Board of Elections, all hinging on the aforementioned police millage rate.[1] Petition language was ultimately approved for both officials. Signatures for the recall of Hyrman were submitted in late May 2014. Petitions against Melki were outstanding at that time.[2]

Petitions against Dowler were also submitted in late May 2014.[2] Petitions were also submitted against Melki but as of July 11, 2014, remain unverified.[3]

Sherry Johnson (R) filed to run against Dowler, while William Pittsley (R) filed to run against Hyrman.[3]

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