Charlie White's voter registration ruled valid by Recount Commission

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June 30, 2011


INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: On June 28, the Indiana Recount Commission, comprised of two Republicans and one Democrat, unanimously ruled that Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White's 2010 voter registration was valid, voiding questions of his candidacy's legitimacy.[1]

White, a resident of the Indianapolis suburb of Fishers and a member of the town council, was indicted by two Hamilton County special prosecutors in March 2011 for voting from his ex-wife's address in the May 2010 Republican primary, while at the same time becoming the owner of a new condo outside the district. White cites personal family problems for the confusion, claiming that he spent many nights in his ex-wife's basement in the interim period until he could marry his then fiance. Democrats see a different story, wielding papers such as loan applications with the new address, believing that White actually lived in the condo, but didn't register it in order to keep his $12,000 town council salary.[1]

Democrats have 30 days to appeal the decision of White's voter registration, although Democratic attorney Karen Celestino Horseman is unsure whether or not they will do so.[1]

The Commission's decision relieves only one of the many pending legal battles still facing White. A Hamilton County grand jury indicted White on seven felony charges, three of which are voter fraud. His trial there is set to begin on August 8, 2011.[1]

If he is convicted of any of the charges, he would be forced to vacate the office, causing Republican Governor Mitch Daniels to name his replacement. If White had lost the case, his runner up in the election, Vop Osili would have been his automatic replacement.[1]

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