Charter Schools Amendment to appear on Georgia ballot

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March 23, 2012


ATLANTA, Georgia: On Monday, March 19, the Georgia Senate voted 40-16 to pass the Georgia Charter Schools Amendment on to the ballot as a referendum in November. If enacted the amendment would reverse a Georgia Supreme Court decision made in 2011 outlawing the Georgia Charter Schools Commission. The commission was created in 2008 with the authority to create charter schools that local school boards rejected. State Senator Ronnie Chance, a supporter of the amendment, explained the legislature's intentions, saying, "What we're trying to do with these charter schools is put another tool in the tool box of parents or legal guardians if they feel they need to do something else. We're talking about doing the right thing for our children." State Senator Vincent Fort, an opponent of the measure, countered saying, "It seems to me we should be less concerned about 16 state-created charter schools and more concerned about making sure our regular public schools have the funding that are necessary for them to educate the children of Georgia."[1]

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