Cheltenham Home Rule Charter Amendment (November 2009)

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There was a Cheltenham Home Rule Charter Amendment referendum on the November 3 ballot in Montgomery County for voters in the township of Cheltenham.

This amendment sought to change the charter in regards to referendum voting. It would have enable voters to have the chance to have a referendum vote before the township undergoes any major developments. Proponents saw this amendment as a way for the towns people to have a better say in what the township will look like and how it will develop further. Town commissioners saw it as a hindrance to their work and unnecessary since they are elected to make those types of decisions.[1]

Election result

Cheltenham Home Rule Charter Amendment
Result Votes Percentage
Defeatedd No 4208 65.61%
Yes 2206 34.39%
Total votes 6414 100.00%
Voter turnout 24.43%


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