Christian County property tax levy (2009)

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A Christian County property tax levy was on the April 2009 ballot in Christian County, where it passed.[1] The ballot measure's purpose was to rectify an error the county made in 2000 when they first asked for the property tax levy to support Christian County Senior Services.[2]

Election results

The measure was approved by voters, with 5,041 "yes" votes and 2,581 "no" votes.[1]


In the 2000 election, the county asked citizens to vote for a 5-cent tax rate for senior services. However, when the ballots were printed, they said ."05 cents" and did not spell out "five cents" in parentheses.

Therefore, while voters approved the 2000 measure, they voted for a $.0005 tax rate -- not 5 cents per $100.

However, the county has been collecting higher, unapproved, rate for seven years, according to the Missouri State auditor. $2.3 million more than was authorized has been collected.[3]