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This page contains a list of cities in Minnesota, and other information about local governments.

Minnesota allows municipal charter cities and counties. There are 87 total counties in Minnesota. Of those 87:[1]

There are 854 total municipalities in Minnesota. Of those 854, 747 of them are General law municipalities while the remaining 107 are Charter/Home rule cities.[1]

Types of local government

Local government in Minnesota consists of 87 counties, 854 cities, and 1,785 townships. There are also 569 special districts and 338 independent school districts.[2]

Further classifications:

Counties may be:

  • General law: of which there are 86
  • Home rule charter: of which there is 1 (Ramsey County)

Cities may be:

  • Statutory (general law): of which there are 747
  • Home rule charter: of which there are 107[3]

Initiative process availability

See also: Laws governing local ballot measures in Minnesota

Charter cities have a mandated initiative process for citizens to petition for and vote on charter amendments. Charter cities also have authority to allow initiative for ordinances. Some have granted this power to citizens, others have not. The information for the top 10 most populated cities in Minnesota, 8 of which operate under a charter, is provided below.

Citizens in general law cities do not have broad initiative power to propose ordinances, but there are specific state statutes that grant a petition process for limited subject matter.[4].

Ramsey County, as the only charter county, permits initiative for charter amendments and county measures.[5][6]

10 most populated cities

List of Most Populated Cities in Minnesota
City[7] Population City Type Next election
Minneapolis 387,753 Charter 2017
St. Paul 288,448 Charter N/A
Rochester 107,890 Charter N/A
Duluth 86,277 Charter N/A
Bloomington 84,057 Charter N/A
Brooklyn Park 76,853 Charter N/A
Plymouth 71,561 Charter N/A
St. Cloud 66,169 Charter N/A
Eagan 64,765 General law N/A
Woodbury 62,787 General law N/A

Full list of cities

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A guide to local ballot initiatives
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As of the 2010 Census, there were 854 incorporated cities and towns in Minnesota. A full list of cities in Minnesota is available here.

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