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Cities in North Carolina

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This page contains a list of cities in North Carolina, and other information about local governments.

North Carolina allows municipal charter cities. There are 100 total counties in North Carolina. All 100 of them are General law jurisdictions.[1]

There are 533 total municipalities in North Carolina. All 533 are incorporated with a state granted charter.[1]

Types of local government

The U.S. Census Bureau's 2012 study of local governments[2] shows that, as of September of 2012, local government in North Carolina consists of:

653 General Purpose units, including:

  • 100 Counties
  • 553 Cities, Towns, and Villages

311 Special Districts

Further classifications:

All cities, towns, and villages are incorporated with a charter through the state. However, the existence of a charter does not authorize broad Home rule authority as it does in other states.[3]

Initiative process availability

See also: Laws governing local ballot measures in North Carolina

State law NC Gen. Stat. Section 160A-104 mandates an initiative process for citizens to propose and vote on charter amendments regarding specific subject matters. The available subject matter is contained in NC Gen. Stat. Section 160A-101.

State law does not grant ordinance initiative power to all cities. However, the General Assembly has granted initiative power to certain cities, such as Raleigh and Greensboro, through special acts. In any city where initiative has been made available, NC Gen. Stat. Section 159-17 states that "The adoption and amendment of the budget ordinance or any project ordinance and the levy of taxes in the budget ordinance are not subject to the provisions of any city charter or local act concerning initiative or referendum."[4][5][6]

10 most populated cities

List of Most Populated Cities in North Carolina
City[7] Population City Type Next election
Charlotte 751,087 Charter 2015
Raleigh 416,468 Charter 2015
Greensboro 273,425 Charter 2015
Durham 233,252 Charter 2015
Winston-Salem 232,385 Charter N/A
Fayetteville 203,945 Charter N/A
Cary 139,633 Charter N/A
Wilmington 108,297 Charter N/A
High Point 105,753 Charter N/A
Greenville 86,017 Charter N/A

Full list of cities

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A guide to local ballot initiatives
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As of the 2010 Census, there were 533 incorporated cities and towns in North Carolina. A full list of cities in North Carolina is available here.

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