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The City, County and Local Affairs Committee is a class B standing committee of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Per the House Rules, committees of the Arkansas House of Representatives are assigned by the Congressional District Caucuses. Each caucus selects five members for each committee, with the except of the District Two Caucus, which selects three members for each committee from within Pulaski County and two from without.[1] Committees are following each election.[2] A majority of appointed members make up a committee's quorum. The Speaker of the House serves as an "ex officio" member of any committee, but does not count towards quorum.[3]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: House Rules


The City, County and Local Affairs Committee has jurisdiction over "matters pertaining to city and municipal affairs, county affairs, local improvement districts, water districts, interlocal government cooperation, similar legislation and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee."[4]



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

City, County and Local Affairs Members, 2013
Democratic members (11)Republican members (9)
David FieldingJohn Burris
Eddie Armstrong, IIIMary Slinkard
James McLeanKim Hammer
Scott BaltzAndy Mayberry
Mark McElroyBruce Cozart
David KizziaDouglas House
Fonda HawthorneMark Lowery
George McGillRichard Womack
David WhitakerMicah Neal
David Hillman
Monte Hodges



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