City Manager Bonaparte defends budget proposal

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July 2009

TOPEKA, Kansas: City Manager Norton Bonaparte proposed his budget to the Topeka City Council on a July 7, 2009 meeting, then defended it to the media during a news conference the next day.

Bonaparte's proposed budget calls for a $34.5 mill levy. This is 1.85 higher than the current levey. In addition, the proposal would take $1 million from salaried positions. Bonaparte says this will translate to around 20 jobs and when positions are vacated, the city will look at alternate ways to accomplish tasks without filling the position.[1]

Bonaparte says he believes the budget is something the city will benefit from but Councilwoman Karen Hiller said she has heard plenty of taxpayers who are not in favor of it, especially of the allowance for just under $1 million for the Police Aviation Unit.


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