City of Albany Voter Approval of City Borrowing Amendment, Measure M 22-119 (September 2013)

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A City of Albany Voter Approval of City Borrowing Amendment, Measure M 22-119 ballot question was on the September 17, 2013, election ballot for voters in the City of Albany in Benton and Linn counties, which are in Oregon. It was overwhelmingly approved.

This measure amended the Albany City Charter to require voter approval for the city to borrow money, with a few exceptions such as emergency borrowing, bonds allowed the city by state law and borrowing to refinance, saving money in the process.[1]

This election was conducted as a mail only election. 22,004 ballots were sent out to voters by the Linn County Elections Supervisor and 4,700 more were sent out by the Benton County Elections Supervisor.[2]

This measure was supported by the city council and was designed to appease initiative petitioners from March of this year who qualified a measure limiting debt accrual in the city, which was drafted by Tom Cordier. The measure was approved by a majority, but, due to voter turnout, not a majority of all registered city voters as required. In order to avoid lawsuits over the March measure, Measure M 22-119 was agreed upon as a compromise by both the city council, Cordier and the other initiative backers.[2]

Since this was the only measure appearing on either county ballot for this election date, the entire cost of the election, estimated at about $28,000, was billed to the city of Albany. Money primarily goes for printing, supplies, mileage, computer services, postage and staffing.[2]

Election results

ApprovedaMeasure M 22-119
County: Yes No
Votes  % Votes  %
Benton County 1,286 74.51% 440 25.49%
Linn County 4,898 80.73% 1,163 19.17%
Totals: 6,184 79.41% 1,603 20.59%
These election results are from the Benton County elections office (dead link) and the Linn County elections office.

Text of measure


Charter amendment to require voter approval prior to City borrowing.[1][3]


Shall the Charter be amended to require a vote of the people prior to City borrowing?[1][3]


This measure amends the City Charter in response to the vote on Measure 22-117 on March 12, 2013. That measure was not placed in the City Charter because it did not receive the required number of votes necessary, under the law, to be effective. Thereafter, the City in cooperation with the chief petitioner of Measure 22-117 agreed upon this proposed Charter amendment as a method to require a public vote prior to new City borrowing while minimizing unnecessary expenses and avoiding unintended consequences.

The measure will require voter approval of City borrowing with the exception of borrowing to finance local improvements allowed by ORS Chapter 223(Bancroft Bonding Act) or any similar, replacement statute; borrowing authorized by an Oregon State Statute; borrowing to address an emergency situation that poses an immediate risk of significant economic loss to the City or an immediate risk to health, life, or property; or borrowing to refinance an existing City borrowing for financial savings.[1][3]

For the full text of the charter amendment click here.

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