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City of Cathedral Sales Tax, Measure B (June 2014)

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A City of Cathedral Sales Tax, Measure B ballot question was on the June 3, 2014 election ballot for voters in the city of Cathedral in Riverside County, California, where it was approved.

Measure B renewed a city sales tax of one percent. The general fund revenue from this tax was estimated to be about four million dollars.[1]

With this one percent tax, the total sales tax rate in the city remained at nine percent, allocated in the following way:[1]

  • 6.5% - state taxes
  • 0.5% - Riverside County Transportation Commission taxes
  • 2.0% - city of Cathedral taxes

Election results

Measure B
Approveda Yes 3,645 66.38%
Election results from Riverside County Elections Office

Text of measure

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:[1]

Cathedral City Continuation of Fiscal Stability/Local Control Measure. To maintain fiscal stability, address state takeaways and prevent cuts to vital services by retaining police, firefighters, paramedics/emergency dispatch operators; maintaining 911 emergency/ambulance response; funding graffiti removal, pothole/street repair, senior programs, after school, anti-drug/anti-gang and other general services; shall Cathedral City continue its existing voter approved one cent sales tax with no rate increase, requiring citizen’s review, and no money for Sacramento?[2]

Impartial analysis

The following impartial analysis of Measure B was prepared by the office of the city attorney:[1]

In response to the fiscal emergency declared and reaffirmed by the City Council of Cathedral City on February 24, 2010 and May 22, 2013 respectively, the City’s voters are being asked to vote on Measure “B”, which, if approved, would amend an ordinance so that the City could continue imposing a one-percent (1%) transactions and use tax on all retailers doing business in the City. Pursuant to Assembly Bill 354, this Measure is being placed on the ballot by the City of Cathedral City’s governing body, the City Council.

The proposed continuation is a general tax, the proceeds of which would be deposited in the City’s general fund to be used for general governmental purposes, such as City operations, police and fire services, street sweeping and repair, paramedics, parks and recreation, emergency response services, capital projects and other essential services.

If approved, the City estimates Measure “B” will generate $4 million dollars annually for essential City services. The proposed continuation of this tax would be imposed on retailers for the selling of tangible personal property at retail and on the storage, use or other consumption in the City of tangible personal property purchased from any retailer, subject to certain exclusions and exemptions which are detailed in the proposed ordinance implementing the tax.

Currently, the combined sales and transactions and use tax rate is 9.00%. Of this 9.00%, the State receives 6.50%, the Riverside County Transportation Commission receives .50%, and the remaining 2.00% is distributed to the City for general purposes. If the voters approve the proposed measure, the continued total tax rate for most purchases in the City would remain at 9.00%. The proposed measure is a continuation of an existing tax not a new tax and would be collected in the same manner and at the same time as such taxes are paid.

The proposed measure provides for independent review of the revenues generated by the tax by the Citizens’ Financial Advisory Committee, and requires annual financial audits performed by a qualified, independent third party, the results of which would be available for public review.

The proposed measure is a continuation of an existing general tax, requiring a majority vote (approval by more than fifty percent (50%) of City voters voting in the election) for passage.

A “Yes” vote means the voter is in favor of Measure “B” authorizing the City to continue to collect a 1% transactions and use tax.

A “No” vote means the voter is not in favor of Measure “B” and means the current 1% Transactions and Use Tax will expire September 30, 2015.[2]

—Charles R. Green[1]



The following individuals signed the official arguments in favor of Measure B:[1]

  • Stanley E. Henry, councilmember & retired police chief
  • Bill Proctor, chair of the Citizens Finance Advisory Committee
  • Gillian Cross, business owner & 27-year resident
  • Barry Freet, retired fire chief
  • Juan Perezchica, business owner & 44-year resident

Arguments in favor

Official arguments

The following official arguments were submitted in favor of Measure B:[1]

Vote YES on “B” – Protect Cathedral City’s essential community and public safety services, without raising taxes!

YES on “B” does not create a new tax. It simply continues existing funding previously passed by Cathedral City voters--with NO increase in taxes—to maintain vital city services we rely on.

Cathedral City is one of the few cities in the region with its own local police and fire departments. YES on “B” maintains our locally-controlled Cathedral City police and fire departments and other vital programs so the needs of residents and local businesses are addressed effectively by people who actually live and work in our community.

YES on “B” maintains effective 9-1-1 response
YES on “B” ensures police officers and firefighters have essential equipment
YES on “B” retains 9-1-1 dispatch operators, police officers and firefighters
YES on “B” maintains 9-1-1 communications equipment
YES on “B” legally requires that all funds be spent on OUR services --Sacramento can’t touch it!

Over the past five years, Sacramento politicians have taken about $20 million from Cathedral City, and will continue to do so every year for the foreseeable future. YES on “B” ensures Cathedral City continues to have a guaranteed source of local funding that cannot be taken by Sacramento and requires that our tax dollars be spent locally for Cathedral City residents without raising taxes.

YES on “B” includes tough fiscal accountability provisions to continue to prevent waste, fraud and abuse of public funds. An Independent Citizens Finance Advisory Committee will review all spending. Residents will have access to public expenditure reports, and annual independent audits assure City officials use voter-approved tax dollars as promised.

Join police officers, firefighters, local business owners, and community leaders in voting YES on “B” to protect and maintain Cathedral City’s vital services without raising taxes.[2]

—Stanley E. Henry, Bill Proctor, Gillian Cross, Barry Freet and Juan Perezchica[1]


No official arguments were submitted in opposition to Measure B. If you have an argument that you would like to see posted here, please email the Local Ballot Measure Project staff writer.

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