City of Holy Cross city council recall, Alaska (2012)

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An effort to recall all the members of the city council of Holy Cross, Alaska, was launched in April 2012.[1] City officials refused to approve the recall petition, although state officials confirmed the validity of the allegations against the city council.[2] The recall campaign did not result in a recall election. Holy Cross has a population of 175 people.

Reasons for recall

The allegations against the city council members include charges that they failed to file mandatory financial disclosures, failed to provide worker's compensation insurance for the city's employees, and failed to hold scheduled elections or meetings on a regular basis. City council members were engaged in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a $600,000 state grant by submitting fabricated documents. No financial disclosures have been filed by Holy Cross since 2005. The city's failure to provide worker's compensation insurance could result in a fine of $1,000 fine for each day an individual worker is not insured. City council members have also been charged with fabricating meeting minutes. These charges have been verified by state officials.[2] A group called Concerned Citizens of Holy Cross organized the recall effort.[1]

City council member Victor Ladeira said, "we're young. We're learning...We've admittedly made some mistakes, but we're not holding secret meetings."[1]

Path to the ballot

In early April, the initial attempt to have recall petitions approved for circulation was denied. Recall supporters said they would continue their recall efforts.[1] In August 2012, the entire city council was fined by the state for failing to make financial disclosures.[3]

City council member arrested for assault

In September 2012, Holy Cross City Council member Kristi Turner was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges. Bruce Werba, who was one of the recall organizers, said, "It's just another typical day in the business world of Holy Cross."[4]

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