City of Maywood Appointed City Treasurer, Measure T (November 2011)

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A City of Maywood Appointed City Treasurer, Measure T ballot proposition was on the November 8, 2011 ballot for voters in the City of Maywood in Los Angeles County, where it was defeated.

If Measure T had been approved, the position of City Treasurer would have become an appointed office rather than an elected office.

The Maywood City Treasurer is an elected office with the elected officeholder serving a term of four years. In order to run for the office of city treasurer, a candidate must be a resident of Maywood and must be a registered voter.

If the position had become appointive, the person appointed to the office would not have needed to be a resident of the city or a registered voter.

The duties of the city treasurer include:

  • Receiving and safe keeping of all money coming into the city.
  • Paying out money to "warrants signed by legally designated persons."
  • Submitting written reports and accounting of all receipts, disbursements, and fund balances to the City Clerk.
  • Collecting city taxes and license fees as prescribed by ordinance.

If Measure T had been approved, it will have gone into effect at the end of the current City Treasurer's term of office.

Maywood's city manager and city attorney are appointed. The city treasurer would, under the terms of Measure T, have been appointed in the same way that they are, although the city council could delegate the authority to the city manager to hire/appoint a city treasurer.

A ballot measure, Measure C, to make Maywood's city clerk an appointed position was also on the November 8 ballot. It, too, was defeated.

Election results

Measure T
Defeatedd No77360.49%
Yes 505 39.51%
Election results are from the Los Angeles County elections office.

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Measure T: "Shall the Office of City Treasurer of the City of Maywood be appointive?"[1]

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