City of Porterville Authority over City Employee Benefits Amendment, Measure Y (June 2014)

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A City of Porterville Authority over City Employee Benefits Amendment, Measure Y ballot question was on the June 3, 2014 election ballot for voters in the city of Porterville in Tulare County, California, where it was approved.[1]

Measure Y reaffirmed that city employee retirement, pension and disability/death benefits cannot be terminated except as permitted by the California Constitution and other applicable state laws. It also formally clarified that the city of Porterville had full power of the creation, modification and elimination of its pension and retiree benefits.[2]

Election results

Measure Y
Approveda Yes 2,164 53.84%
Election results from Tulare County Registrar of Voters

Text of measure

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:[2]

Should the Charter be amended to provide that the City employee retirement, pension, or disability/death benefits shall not be terminated except as may be permitted by the California Constitution and applicable law, and to clarify that the City retains its full power to create, modify or eliminate its pensions and retiree healthcare benefits subject to the California Constitution?[3]

Path to the ballot

Measure Y was put on the ballot as part of comprehensive charter reform recommended by the city's charter review committee.[4]

Charter review committee

The members of the charter review committee were:[4]

  • Allan Bailey (Chair)
  • Amber Bush
  • Stephanie Cortez
  • Gary Giraudi (Vice Chair)
  • Matthew Green
  • John Hardin
  • Teri Irish
  • Jenna Salazar
  • Milt Stowe

Other amendments

All together, fourteen measures recommended by the Porterville Charter Review Committee were put on the ballot by the city council:[2]

Defeatedd Measure L: City of Porterville Non-Substantive Revisions Amendment
Approveda Measure M: City of Porterville Council Election Date Amendment
Approveda Measure N: City of Porterville City Council Meetings Location Amendment
Approveda Measure O: City of Porterville City Council Automatic Vacancy Amendment
Approveda Measure P: City of Porterville City Manager Severance Pay Limitation Amendment
Approveda Measure Q: City of Porterville City Expenditure Approval Requirements Amendment
Defeatedd Measure R: City of Porterville Public Projects Approval Amendment
Defeatedd Measure S: City of Porterville Public Projects Bid Limit Amendment
Approveda Measure T: City of Porterville Interference with Duties of City Manager Amendment
Defeatedd Measure U: City of Porterville City Property Lease Termination Amendment
Approveda Measure V: City of Porterville Violations of Charter Amendment
Defeatedd Measure W: City of Porterville City Council Minimum Wage Amendment
Approveda Measure X: City of Porterville Ordinance Publication Requirements Amendment
Approveda Measure Y: City of Porterville Authority over City Employee Benefits Amendment

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