City of Pueblo Retain Council-Manager Government, Question 2A, 2009

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TheQuestion 2A, Retain Council-Manager Government was on the November 3 ballot in Pueblo County.

The questions asked voters if they would prefer to keep the current form of manager-council government and not elect to have a mayoral position created to govern the city. Instead, this would create a head of the council, call him the mayor, but in reality would have just the power of the lead councilman and not a true mayoral position. This position would be elected by the voters.[1]

Election results

The measure was defeated.[2]

Question 2A
Result Votes Percentage
Defeatedd No 17,472 79.85%
Yes 4,408 20.15%
Total votes 21,880 100.00%
Voter turnout 26.99%

Ballot summary

The ballot language read as follows:[3]

Shall the council-manager form of government be retained and shall the charter of the City of Pueblo be amended to change the office of the mayor- member of the city council without additional power of authority, elected by majority vote of the registered electors for four-year terms, with the first mayor being elected at the general municipal elections to be held in 2011?

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