City of Sacramento Library Parcel Tax, Measure B (June 2014)

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A City of Sacramento Library Parcel Tax, Measure B ballot question was on the June 3, 2014 election ballot for voters in the city of Sacramento in Sacramento County, California, where it was approved.[1]

Measure B authorized the city of Sacramento to increase its parcel tax by $12 per parcel per year for every single-family, residential parcel for 12 years. Rates for other types of properties would be varied according to the chart below.[2]

Measure B contained a provision requiring the city to stop levying the Measure B tax if the contributions to the library system from the city's general fund dropped below $7,635,500, unless other general fund spending, excluding police and fire services, dropped by the same proportion.[2]

A 2/3rds supermajority vote was required for the approval of Measure B.

Election results

Measure B
Approveda Yes 44,222 73.02%
Election results from Sacramento County Elections

Text of measure

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:[2]

Should library services for all City residents including children, teens, adults and seniors be preserved, including after-school reading programs, homework assistance, library operating hours, 24/7 online access, programs for seniors, and other services, by enacting a new $12 per year single-family residential parcel tax for 12 years, and specified amounts for other uses, adjusted for inflation, that the State cannot take, with independent financial audits to ensure funds are spent only on City of Sacramento libraries? [3]

Impartial analysis

Chart showing parcel tax rates for different types of parcels

The following impartial analysis of Measure B was prepared by the office of the city attorney:[2]

Measure B has been placed on the ballot by the Sacramento City Council. Approval of Measure B would impose a parcel tax for core library services provided within the City of Sacramento, as set forth in City Ordinance 2014-004. Disapproval of Measure B would mean the parcel tax would not be imposed.

The City Council enacted Ordinance 2014-004 to impose an annual parcel tax for library services within the City of Sacramento for 12 years, beginning in fiscal year 2014-2015. After fiscal year 2025-2026, the parcel tax authorized by this measure would no longer be imposed.

The tax proposed in Measure B is in addition to the parcel tax approved by the voters in 2004 (Measure X). Measure B does not affect the Measure X parcel tax, which is codified in Chapter 3.148 of the Sacramento City Code.

The Measure B ordinance provides that the tax is imposed to assist in funding "core library services" within the City of Sacramento. The ordinance further provides that "core library services include, without limitation, open hours at city libraries, library staff, acquisition of library materials, and access to technology."

The Measure B parcel tax would be collected from the owners of all non-exempt properties within the City of Sacramento. The amount of the tax for each land use type is set forth in the full text of the measure. For example, each developed single-family residential parcel would be taxed $12 for the first year (2014-2015). The tax for each land use type would be increased annually to reflect any increase in the consumer price index, not to exceed three percent (3%) per year.

The city's current general fund contribution to library services would not be replaced by the parcel tax proceeds. With one exception, the measure prohibits the city from collecting the tax in any year during which the city's general fund contribution to the Sacramento Public Library Authority falls below $7,635,500. The exception permits the tax to be collected if the reduction in general fund contribution to the Sacramento Public Library Authority is in the same proportion to the reduction in the city's net general fund budget (excluding police and fire budgets, and expenditures offset by fees and other non-tax revenues).

The ordinance will take effect only if two-thirds of the voters voting on Measure B approve it. A "yes" vote is in favor of approving the ordinance establishing the parcel tax. A "no" vote is against approving the ordinance establishing the parcel tax. [3]

—Sacramento City Attorney[2]


"Be There for Libraries" campaign logo


The following individuals signed the official arguments in favor of Measure B:[2]

  • Angelique Ashby, Sacramento Mayor Pro Tem
  • Dan O'Donnell, PTA president of Genevive Didion K-8, SCUSD
  • Brian Rice, president of the Firefighters Local 522
  • Maureen Price, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento
  • Jeffrey L. Rubin, president of Friends of Sacramento Public Library

Arguments in favor

Official arguments

The following official arguments were submitted in favor of Measure B:[2]

Be there for your libraries! vote yes on Measure B to preserve our library services and improve them for all Sacramento city residents. Measure B augments the existing city parcel tax by just one dollar per month and requires independent yearly audits to protect taxpayers .

Measure B is needed to keep up with three new libraries, greater demand for on-line services and the need to stay open evenings and weekends when people can actually use our libraries. Measure B requires that all funds be spent exclusively for local library services within the City of Sacramento. Just one dollar per month will maintain our vital library services for all city residents.

Vote yes to maintain the library's after-school homework and reading programs for our school children and story time for preschoolers. Vote yes to protect library operating hours and 24/7 online access to library resources. Vote yes to preserve library services for seniors and families who are trying to improve their lives. Vote yes to give people who don't have computers at home access to the internet. Vote yes to continue to make quality library materials, programs, and services available at all libraries.

City of Sacramento residents have always cared about their libraries. Our 12 city libraries improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. They offer a safe place for children to learn and study, and they provide information and enrichment to people of all ages. To maintain our hours of operation, online access, quality books and library materials, children's programs and more, vote yes on Measure B. For more information visit [3]

—Angelique Ashby, Dan O'Donnell, Brian Rice, Maureen Price and Jeffrey L. Rubin[2]


No official arguments were submitted in opposition to Measure B. If you have an argument that you would like to see posted here, please email the Local Ballot Measure Project staff writer.

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