City of Tigard General Obligation Bond (November 2009)

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The City of Tigard General Obligation Bond measure was on the November 3 ballot in Washington County for voters in the city of Tigard.

The measure sought to create a general bond in the amount of $20 million that would be used to preserve nature areas and develop trails and parks within the city area. This bond would be created from money acquired from local property taxes.[1] Some residents raised questions about the measure in regards to the vagueness of the wording. No where in the proposition was there any specific areas identified to be acquired. The only names mentioned are parks already in existence where no more land can be obtained. Supporters of the measure see it as the only way to preserve land for nature, but opponents see it as not going far enough.[2]

Opponents stated that although Tigard is behind other communities in saving nature areas, this is the wrong time to ask residents to pay more property taxes. Oregon is one of the top states in unemployment rates and this statistic is also used as evidence against this bond measure. While proponents said this is the ideal time due to cheap land prices, opponents said regardless home owners do not have the extra money available even though it is a desirable bond issue.[3]

Election results

The measure was defeated.[4]

Measure 34-166
Result Votes Percentage
Defeatedd No 4,691 52.76%
Yes 4,201 47.24%
Total votes 8,892 100.00%
Voter turnout 34.12%