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Clackamas County is one of 36 counties in Oregon. Founded in 1843, the name comes from the Clackamas Indians. As of 2010, the population was 375,992, and the county seat is Oregon City.[1][2]

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  • Budget
    • Budgets are posted.[3]
  • Elected Officials
    • Contact information is available for elected officials.[4]
  • Administrative Officials
    • Had county officials' contact information online.[5]
  • Building Permits and Zoning
    • Has building permits and zoning information online.[6][7]
  • Has tax information online.[8]
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    • Audits are posted.[9]
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    • Information on bids and purchasing is online.[10]

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The 2011-2012 amended budget is $603,827,079, and the 2012-2013 proposed budget is $572,841,605, a decrease of 5.1 percent.[11]Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are also available to 1991.[12]

Category Expenses
Justice Court Department $3,832,817
County Assessor $6,597,212
County Clerk $3,517,314
County Treasurer $608,527
District Attorney's Department $10,704,910
Juvenile Department $9,497,594
Board of County Commissioners $1,301,914
County Administration $1,563,825
Sheriff's Department $71,515,913
Emergency Management Department $2,898,882
Emergency Communications Department $2,898,882
Technology Services Department $17,162,607
Business and Community Services Department $20,481,799
Resolution Services Program $1,096,018
Health Housing and Human Services $116,776,983
County Counsel $1,904,316
Tourism and Cultural Affairs Department $2,899,290
Public and Government Relations Department $3,303,016
Employee Services Department $12,173,477
Finance Department $20,124,437
Nondepartmental General Fund $92,594,554
Transportation and Development Fund $52,945,847
Miscellaneous and Pass Through Items $29,341,434
TOTAL $603,827,079


In total, Clackamas County received stimulus funding for more than 200 projects amounting to $291,878,524, according to a ProPublica project.[14]

Estacada School District received $450,000 for the installation of a biomass boiler to heat Estacada High School, completed September 2011.[15]] On July 16, 2009, it was announced that Clackamas County was awarded a $4 million Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan "to construct a sanitary sewer collection system for the North Clackamas Revitalization Area Project. The loan comprises $2 million in principle forgiveness and $2.1 million in savings on interest.[16]

Public Employees

Elected Officials

The Board of Commissioners "set policies, enact ordinances and establish budgets to perform the services that state law and citizens of the County require."[17] The weekly schedule of Board meetings is available online.[18]

Name Position
Sheri Anderson Treasurer
Jim Bernard Commissioner
Karen Brisbin Judge
Jamie Damon Commissioner
John Foote District Attorney
Sherry Hall Clerk
Charlotte Lehan Chair Commissioner
Ann Lininger Commissioner
Craig Roberts Sheriff
Paul Savas Commissioner
Bob Vroman Assessor

Administrative Officials

The current County Administrator is Steve Wheeler.[19] His total salary in 2009 is $186,496.27.[20]

First Last Position
Steve Wheeler County Administrator
Nancy Newton Deputy County Administrators
Laurel Butman Deputy County Administrators
Dan Chandler Strategic Policy Administrator


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Clackamas county employs about 1,890 people.[21] The county does not have a database to browse the salaries of county workers.


See also: Oregon public pensions

Oregon has one public pension fund, the Public Employees Retirement System. According to the PERS website, "you are vested in the OPSRP Pension Program on the earliest date in which you complete at least 600 hours of service in each of five calendar years (the years do not have to be consecutive). If you are an active member any time on or after reaching normal retirement age, you become a vested member regardless of years of service. Once you are vested in the OPSRP Pension Program, you cannot lose your benefit rights unless you withdraw from the program."[22]

The state has funded PERS 86 percent, with $5.8 billion in unfunded liabilities.

An April 28 article in The Oregonian estimates about 10 percent of pensioners double dip.[23]

Emergency personnel

The Clackamas County Department of Communications centralizes emergency response and dispatch services for the county fire districts, local police departments, and sheriff's department.[24]


See also: Oregon government sector lobbying

According to Open Secrets, Clackamas County spent $80,000 on lobbying in 2012 and has spent $1,930,000 since 1998.[25]

Year Amount Spent on Lobbying
2012 $80,000
2011 $160,000
2010 $160,000
2009 $160,000
2008 $150,000
2007 $160,000
2006 $140,000
2005 $140,000
2004 $120,000
2003 $120,000
2002 $120,000
2001 $120,000
2000 $100,000
1999 $80,000
1998 $120,000
Total $1,930,000

Transparency & public records

The county clerk's office "must make public records available to the general public," and is the county contact for records.[26]

A light rail project connecting Portland and Milwaukie brought a conflict of interest complaint against Commissioner Jim Bernard; Bernard would have to relocate his business to make room for the planned light rail route.[27][28]


Clackamas County offers online tax payment and property tax information online.[29]

Ballot measures

Ballotpedia has an article on ballot measures in Clackamas County.

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