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Clark County is one of 16 counties in Nevada. The county had a population of 1,375,765 at the 2000 census, and a 2006 estimated population of 1,777,539, making it the most populous county in Nevada. It contains the city of Las Vegas, the state's most populous city. Las Vegas has been the county seat since the county was created by splitting off a portion of Lincoln County on February 5, 1908. Much of the county was originally part of Pah-Ute County, Arizona Territory before Nevada became a state. The county was named for William Andrews Clark, a Montana copper magnate and United States Senator. Clark was largely responsible for the construction of the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad through the area, a factor heavily contributing to the region's early development.

Residents of the Las Vegas Valley area often do not make a distinction between the Clark County and the city of Las Vegas, using Las Vegas to describe both. It is also a major tourist destination, with 150,000 hotel and motel rooms.

Website evaluation

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Transparency Grade
Elected Officials P
Administrative Officials Y
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Permits, zoning
Contracts P
Lobbying N
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Public records
Local taxes
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This website was most recently evaluated on October 29, 2012.

The good

  • Budgets
    • Budgets are available and archived for three years[1]
  • Meetings
    • Meeting Agendas[2] and minutes[3] are available and archived for three years.
    • Meeting schedule is posted.[4]
  • Elected Officials
    • Physical addresses and names are available for all county commissioners
  • Administrative Officials
    • Name, address, email address, and phone number are available for the county commissioner[5]
  • Permits and Zoning
    • Building permits[6] and zoning information[7]
  • Audits
    • Audits are available and archived for three years[8]
  • Contracts
    • Bids are posted[9]
  • Public Records
    • Information on how to order a copy of a public record is online[10]
    • Contact information is given for county records keeper[11]
  • Taxes
    • Tax rates and revenues are located in the budget[12]

The bad

  • Elected Officials
    • Some email addresses and phone numbers are listed for some commissioners, but not consistently among all of them.
  • Contracts
    • Awarded contracts over $10,000 are not posted.
  • Lobbying

Public employee salaries

Location of Clark County

Laughlin reported that its top ten employees earned $3 million in pay, including one firefighter who earned $92,000 annually. Another city in the county, Henderson, also had high public salary costs. The assistant city attorney earned $550,000, including $433,000 in a one-time payout; the city attorney earned $435,000, $350,000 of it in a one-time payout, and a fire battalion chief earned $400,000, almost all from a one-time payout.[13]

Other high paid employees in the county include North Las Vegas’ assistant fire chief, who earned $661,000. Also there are two firefighters in the county who collected $474,000 and $444,000 in disability payments.[13]


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Clark County and subsidiaries have a total of 30 lobbyists.[14]

Agency No. of Lobbyists
Clark Co. Department of Juvenile Justice Services 2
Clark Co. Election Department 1
Clark Co. Public Defender's Office 1
Clark County 12
Clark County Office of the District Attorney 1
Clark County Water Reclamation District 2
Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark Co. 1
Las Vegas/Clark County Library District 10

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