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Clark County Going Wet (2008)

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The Going Wet Initiative could have changed the policy in Clark County, Arkansas, from "dry" to "wet," allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages in the county.

This measure was a local initiative in Clark County, Arkansas that did not make the ballot.


Andy Berry, leader of the petition drive, said going wet was a "piece of the puzzle for growth and prosperity."[1] Berry said studies have shown that crime rates drop when a county switches from dry to wet, and that DWIs and other alcohol-related crimes decrease. He added that going wet is only one of several "pieces of the puzzle" for economic development in the county. "It's not the whole thing," Berry said. "We're not going to be a thriving county overnight."[1]


Larry Page of the Arkansas Faith and Ethics Council spoke in opposition to the measure before about 50 dry county supporters in August. Page said that the only benefit of going wet would be so that "John Q. Drinker won't have to drive so far to get his booze ... it's not about the tax revenue." He said passage of the measure would lead to "package stores on every corner with barred windows, derelicts relieving themselves in an alley (and) more housing for abused women."[1]


Proponents submitted 6,100 signatures on Sept. 5, 2008. County officials have ten days to determine if there are sufficient valid signatures to place the measure on the November 2008 ballot. The 4,140 signatures required totals 38% of the county's registered voters.[1]

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