Clarksville, Tennessee

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Budget Y
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Meetings P
Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials P
Permits, zoning Y
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Audits Y
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Contracts Y
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Lobbying P
Public Records P
Local Taxes Y
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Transparency grading process
Clarksville is a city in Tennessee and is the county seat of Montgomery County. The 2010 census reported the population at 132,929, making it the fifth largest city in the state. Clarksville is the ninth fastest growing city in the nation. Home to Austin Peay State University and the oldest newspaper in Tennessee, The Leaf-Chronicle, Clarksville was incorporated in 1785 and named for General George Rogers Clark, frontier fighter and Revolutionary War hero, and brother of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition.[1]

The good

  • The current budget is published[2] and previous budgets are available for the last three years[3]
  • The calendar of meetings, meeting agendas, minutes, resolutions and ordinances are available[4]
  • Names of elected officials, individual email address, individual phone numbers, and a physical address is available[5]
  • Some names of administrative officials, individual email address, individual phone numbers, and a physical addresses are available, although not for all departments.[6]
  • Permit applications are available for download[7] and zoning ordinances are available[8]
  • The current audit is published and previous audits are available for the last three years[9]
  • Bids are posted<ref Bids]</ref> including approved contracts over $10,000[10]
  • A public records contact is available[11]
  • Tax revenues are available[12] and tax rates are published[13]

The bad

  • Every administrative department listed does not include director information and/or all contact information.
  • Council minutes are only archived through 2011, and should include at least three years.
  • A search of lobbying[14] did return a singular result of successful lobbying, but not a list of employed lobbyists is available, memberships to lobbying organizations and associated fees.
  • Public records policies are not included under the City Clerk’s office description and forms for requesting documents are unavailable.
  • Specific salary information is unavailable.

Elected Officials

Name Title
Kim McMillan Mayor
Charlie Koon Chief of Staff
Dora McCary Chief Administrative Officer
Jennifer Rawls Director of Communication
Nick Steward Ward 1 Councilmember
Deanna McLaughlin Ward 2 Councilmember
James Lewis Ward 3 Councilmember
Wallace Redd Ward 4 Councilmember
Candy Johnson Ward 5 Councilmember
Marc Harris Ward 6 Councilmember
Geno Grubbs Ward 7 Councilmember
David Allen Ward 8 Councilmember
Joel Wallace Ward 9 Councilmember
Bill Summers Ward 10 Councilmember
Kaye Jones Ward 11 Councilmember
Jeff Burkhard Ward 12 Councilmember

Administrative Officials

Name Title
Les Crocker Director Building & Codes
Michael Roberts Fire Chief
Howell Albright Deputy Fire Chief
Keith Lampkin Director of Housing & Community Development
William Wyatt Director of Human Resources
Doug Sampley Director of Information Technology & Communication Services
Lynn Stokes Internal Audit Director
Robin Manley Auditor
Jim McNaughton Auditor
Al Ansley Police Chief
Robert Bryant Purchasing Supervisor
David Shepard Director of Street Department


The FY2012 budget proposed general fund expenditures of $459,014,545, with an ending fund balance of $105,704,384.[15]


The city of Clarksville received $33,475,345 in federal stimulus money in 12 grants.[16]

Local taxes

Taxes generate the most revenue of any source, and is expected to reach $45,555,548 in 2012, ip from the FY2011 amended budget; then, taxes generated $43,980,591 of revenue.[17]

City In the News

  • In March 2012, Tennessee received a “C” in the State Integrity Investigation, a report that analyzes state governments’ accountability and risk for corruption. Even with the average grade, TN ranks #8 in the nation and is cited for establishing an ethics commission six years ago, although that commission has not yet issued a single ethics penalty and complaints are not made available to the public.[18]
  • A supply officer from Clarksville, TN, Capt. Bryant Williams, was indicted in federal court for bribing contractors in Iraq and taking at least $20,000 to award favored companies more than half a million dollars in contracts for things as varied as copiers and guard towers in 2005 and 2006. Capt. Bryant allegedly demanded jewelry for his wife, cash, calling cards and other kickbacks.[19]