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Class size amendment appeal moves forward to Florida Supreme Court

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September 17, 2010


TALLAHASSEE, Florida: Despite continued legal challenges the proposed Florida Class Size, Amendment 8 will appear on this Fall's general election ballot in the Sunshine State. As expected following an early September court ruling by Leon County Circuit Court Chief Judge Charles Francis, an appeal was filed by the Florida Education Association. The 1st District Court of Appeals expedited the case by sending it directly to the Florida Supreme Court without ruling on the issue. The appellate court wrote, "This appeal involves a question of great public importance and requires immediate resolution by the Supreme Court of Florida."[1] According to reports, it is too late to remove Amendment 8 from the ballot but opponents want the court to prevent the cast votes from being counted.[2]

Earlier this month, Judge Francis upheld the measure after citing that the measure was neither misleading or ambiguous. In the 10-page opinion Francis said, "When read together, the ballot title and summary clearly and unambiguously advise the voter that the Legislature is still obligated to provide the funding required to meet the class size approved by the voter."[3]

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